How to Transfer Money From Ratibi Card – Guide

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The Ratibi card is one of the most helpful cards offered by the FAB bank all around the UAE, and have many features and benefits compared to many other cards in the same bank account. The top benefit of this card is that you don’t need to spend any money to make this card active or to maintain this card. Moreover, there is no need to create a bank account to activate this card. This post provided a complete guide on transfer money from Ratibi card with simple and easy steps.

How to Transfer Money from Ratibi Card – Simple and Easy Steps

Here are the simple and easy steps to transfer money from the Ratibi card to any of the other bank accounts or any other card:

Step # 1: Checking Your Ratibi Card Balance

The first and most crucial step is to check the Ratibi card balance. It is essential to check whether you have enough balance or not. You can check your balance using the official website of the Ratibi card bank. 

Step # 2: Selecting the Balance Transfer Method

The Ratibi card offers multiple transfer methods. These include the:

  • Mobile transfers 
  • Bank transfers 
  • Ratibi card transfers

Note: Depending on your convenience and priorities, you can select any of the above methods.

Step # 3: Entering the Receiver Details

The following essential steps are to put and fill in the receiver details. These include the receiver name, phone number, ID number, and the account where you want to transfer. Before making the final transfer, check and preview the details.

Step # 4: Transfer Confirmation

The next step is to confirm the transfer by entering the amount you want to transfer and clicking the submit or okay button. In this way, the amount will be transferred to the receiver. 

Note: Once you have transferred the relevant amount, keeping a record of that transaction amount is recommended. For this purpose, save the receipt or take a screenshot showing the transfer amount details. 

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Benefits of Transferring the Funds Using Ratibi Card

Here are many benefits of transferring funds through the Ratibi card. These are given below:

Quick Transfers

The most crucial benefit of using this card is the quick transfer facility it offers everyone. Running funds using this card takes only a few minutes; hence, you can use this anytime, even when transferring funds in emergencies.

Easy to Use

Another significant benefit of using this card is that it is easy for everyone to access. You don’t need to use this card to open a specific bank account. This card is ready to use; hence, everyone can activate it.

Cost Effective

Another benefit of using this card is its affordable fees during the transfers. This transfer fee is low compared to all other types of cards in the UAE.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do you make a credit card transfer using the Ratibi card?

Ans. You can easily make credit card money transfers using the Ratibi card using the relevant option available on the Ratibi card account. For this purpose, you must make transfers using the “credit card” option on the Ratibi account.

Q. Can I add a Ratibi card to my Payit account?

Ans. You can easily add the Ratibi card to your payment account using the smartphone. For this purpose, open the Payit account on your Android and click the “Ratibi Cardholder?” account. Now, scan your Emirates ID. Once the scanning is finished, you will be automatically directed toward the screen named “Add your Ratibi card.” From there, you can easily add the Ratibi card to your Payit account. 

Q. How much is the fee to transfer money from the Ratibi card to any other account?

Ans. The fee is flexible as it depends upon the amount you have transferred and the bank where you want to transfer it. The fee amount is much less than that of many other banks and accounts.

Final Verdicts

Hence, the above is a simple guide on transferring money from the Ratibi card. Using this card, you can transfer money to any bank account and card without worrying about delaying payments. The reason is the Ratibi card payment services are quick and easy to use. Moreover, there is a small fee to transfer money using this account. 


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