Get Salalah Tour Package By Bus: Dubai to Salalah Explore

Salalah Tour Package

Salalah is a popular destination for tourists due to its rich history, and vibrant culture. Oman’s second-largest city boasts a diverse landscape. Its white sand beaches are located on the southwestern side of the Indian Ocean. This city offers a year-round pleasant climate and seasonal waterfalls. Its lush green valleys make your family trip memorable. 

This article will walk you through the guide to getting a Salalah tour package by bus from Dubai to explore the largest sea ports. You will get all the details about booking your tour package, ticket, guidelines from GTC bus services, bus stops in Salalah, trip days, and which document you require for a package booking. Let’s start your memorable journey with the Salalah tour package by bus from Dubai.

Is This A Good To Travel By Bus From Dubai To Salalah?

Taking the bus is a great option while traveling from Dubai to Salalah. As it is a comfortable, convenient, and scenic route. At the top of everything, it is more cost-effective than flying. Just before 2019 travelling to Oman via bus is a nightmare because of the lack of roads and transportation.

However, in 2019 RTA Dubai (Roads and Transport Authority) and NTC Oman (National Transport Company) joined hands by providing a seamless gateway to travelers. Now 201 road between UAE and Muscat is a safe way to explore Salalah by road.

You will reach Salalah (Oman) in only 14-16 hours if you are taking a bus. The best thing is that you will be able to witness lush green fields, valleys, waterfalls, mountains and other amazing sites. The ticket prices are different for different companies depending upon their services and time of travel. Let’s explore how to book your bus ticket:

Book Your Bus Ticket from Dubai to Salalah, Oman 

Booking a ticket before traveling saves you from an on-time hustle. The first step towards ticket reservation from Dubai to Salalah is selecting the right company. 

Firstly, read about their offered services. Then compare the charges with other available travel agencies. Visit their official site and confirm your ticket. Remember to check the authenticity and details before making payment. 

“GTC- Gulf Transport Company” is a well-known name in this regard. It offers the best services at affordable prices. It takes 14-16 hours to reach the destination. If you are willing to make a reservation offline, visit the ticket terminals at the bus stations. Go to the counter and provide the required details, pay the amount, and get your ticket. 

Salalah Tour Package

Book an Affordable Salalah Tour Package by Bus

You are just a few steps away from booking your Salalah tour package via bus. All you have to do is research tour operators, check services and pricing, compare with others, and make a selection. An average package includes breakfast, accommodation, Wi-Fi, conditioned transport, and a return ticket.

Here is an example of a budget-friendly tour plan:

  • Departure and travel in an air-conditioned bus.
  • Accommodation at 3 or 4-star hotel including breakfast.
  • Visit famous places with a guide and lunch at a local restaurant.
  • Bus departure and return ticket to Dubai
  • Free Wi-Fi is also a part of most of the packages.

While traveling by bus you will get a chance to explore Al Mughsail Beach, Frankincense Land Museum, and Al Balid Archaeological Site. It will take you from mountain ranges to landscapes, allowing you to explore the culture and beauty of Salalah

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Official Bus Services Details of Tour Package By GTC 

GTC is the most famous bus service for traveling from Dubai to Salalah. Its travel packages come with travel, accommodation, breakfast, lunch, and sightseeing. The pricing of a single seat depends upon the type of tour package and stay time. 

For seat reservations, you can contact GTC by using their provided numbers. For booking and other queries, you can call +971-506420210 or +971-42251655. You can also purchase your ticket from the bus terminal by paying 90-100 AED

Bus Stop Location in Salala, Oman

The bus stop in Salalah is situated outside the terminal named Al-Haffa terminal. It is just a few miles away from the city. This is considered the main terminal for all the buses to Salalah. Moreover, all the buses take this terminal for exit. 

Al-Haffa terminal is close to markets, beaches, and other tourist attractions. Visitors can take buses or cars from this terminal and travel across Salalah according to their convenience. 

A Planned Route for Trip 

Day 1: Scenic bus journey towards Oman

Arrive at the Dubai location for pick-up. Buses pick you up from the bus stations of GTC at the exact time. The tour package offers you the option of mid-morning refreshing stop. The tour operator can select any refreshment point including a roadside cafe or hotel. 

As you enter Oman country, complete your necessary immigration formalities upon reaching the border. After entering the boundary of Salalah, check into a pre-booked hotel if you want an in-depth exploration of the port and free time to enjoy the acclimate.

Day 2: Explore West Salalah’s Treasures

After keeping your luggage in the hotel, have a delicious breakfast before going on the West Salalah Tour. After the meal, take a tour guide with you and start your journey to explore Salalah’s vibrant culture and rich history:

  • Admire the beautiful architecture at Al-Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque.
  • Shop for Omani handicrafts and souvenirs at Al-Husn Souq. 
  • Salalah Museum is a masterpiece of Oman to learn about Salalah’s history and the Frankincense Trail.
  • Walk along the corniche with views of the Arabian Sea at the Waterfront.

In the afternoon, you can enjoy your visit to Wadi Darbat, the Frankincense Trail, or relaxation on pristine beaches. In the evening, enjoy authentic Omani cuisine at a local restaurant, savoring the rich flavors. This will help you fully appreciate the beauty of Salalah.

Salalah Tour Package

Day 3: East Salalah Tour

The East Salalah Tour offers a scenic drive through Taqa Castle, Taqa Beach and Cliff, Wadi Darbat, Tawi Attair Sinkhole, Jabal Samhan, Wadi Hinna, Ayn Hasheer, and Anti-Gravity Point. Here, you can enjoy kayaking, boating, and geological marvels while enjoying stunning scenery. After spending the time in lush green valleys, come back to the hotel and stay overnight. 

Day 4: Farewell to Salalah

After having breakfast, check your departure time. If you have many hours in your departure time, visit the local areas of Salalah. Buy some local goods for lasting memories. Take a lunch and pack your luggage for departure. In the evening, take a tea with some snacks and leave for departure. Board the bus and reach back to Dubai with unforgettable memories. 

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Tips For Traveling From Dubai to Salalah

Traveling from Dubai to Salalah is a long journey. But the scenery makes it a worthwhile experience. Following are some tips for a safe road journey: 

  • Advance Booking

Book your bus tickets before travel, particularly during occasions or peak travel seasons. Always keep your visa and ID with you. 

  • Pack Essentials 

Dubai to Oman by bus is a long track. For such a long journey must pack your pillow and blanket. Also, keep your water bottle and some snacks with you. Ensure to have your device and earplugs in case you get bored.

  • Dress Properly and Respect the Customs

Oman is a Muslim country with strict rules and regulations. Revealing skin in public is not allowed for both men and women. Wear proper clothes and cover your head to avoid any misadventure. Also, show respect for their religion, customs, and trends. 

  • Keep a Map and Local Currency

If you have not visited Oman before, and you are traveling by bus, make sure to keep a map. Also, have some Omani Rials in case you need to buy something immediately.  

Price Of The Salalah Tour Package

The total price for a tour package from Dubai to Oman varies according to the perks of the plan. It mainly depends on how many days you are spending, inclusions, and travel dates. Like if you plan your visit during the traveling season or events, the ticket prices are expected to be increased.

Other services like Wi-Fi, food, and a guide also affect the cost of the tour. Also, many agents offer discounts if you are traveling with a group of people. A typical visit may cost 1100 AED to 1300 AED ($350- $400) per person.

Required Documents For Booking The Salalah Tour Package

The documentation process is a crucial step for traveling to Salalah. Explore guidelines for the smooth process:

Package Booking Requirements:

The following documents are required to book a tour from Dubai to Salalah:

  • Copy of your Passport
  • Copy of Emirates ID card
  • These copies should be scanned.
  • All the members of the group or family are required to provide copies of their passports and IDs.
  • The passport and ID should be valid for travel. An expired visa or ID will not be accepted.
  •  During check-in ensure to have your ticket and hotel reservation receipt in printed form. 

Visa Requirements

Oman didn’t have an entry fee for those having an Emirates Visa. Mostly, the visa is provided when you arrive in Salalah from Dubai. However, for precautionary measures, it’s better to verify your visa from the Embassy of Oman before traveling.  
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Why Should We Plan The Salalah Tour ?

Salalah, Oman’s capital is becoming popular day by day for tourism. It is the most favorite destination for tourists. Due to the mild climate and pleasant weather, local people and visitors like to enjoy whole the day in lush green valleys. 

Its stunning beaches and lush landscapes leave a long-lasting memories on visitors. Try to visit in the summer months. Its unique cultural attractions create an amazing trip experience. If you visit in summer, you get more time to visit the local market and pristine beaches


Q. Is there any direct bus between Dubai and Salalah?

No, direct bus service is not available between Dubai and Salalah. Buses depart from Global Village 1 at a fixed time. To reach on time, ensure your presence on time. Buses arrive at Bus Station 5 of Union Square. All buses arrive through  Al Jubail Terminal, and Azaibah in almost 26 hours and 3 minutes. 

Q. How do I get to Oman by bus from Dubai?

Private transport companies offer buses to and from Dubai and Muscat, including Al Khanjry buses located near Ruwi bus station. Journeys start at 06:00 am and return from Dubai at 03:00 pm daily. We recommend you keep the bus operator with you during traveling for a smooth journey and unforgettable memories. 

Q. How much is the bus fare from Salalah to Dubai?

Bus is the most cost-effective mode of transportation from Salalah to Dubai. Tourists prefer to travel by bus due to affordable rates. Its cost is between $30 – $50 and reaches there in 24 hours and 57 minutes.

Q. What documents are required to travel to Salalah from Dubai?

To travel from Dubai to Salalah, you need to check current border crossing rules and bring important documents like a passport, driving license, vehicle registration, and insurance papers for a smooth transition.

Q. What is the best route from Dubai to Oman?

Hatta – Al Wajajah is the most famous route between Dubai and Oman. Al Wajajah is closest to Dubai and Sharjah, Al Darah, and Fujairah for Abu Dhabi residents.


This guide helps you learn how to get a Salalah tour package by bus from Dubai with expert tour operators. Salalah tour package offers a comfortable, convenient, and cost-effective way to explore the largest sea ports in Oman. The package includes customized plans including mid-morning refreshments. 
Tourists reach Oman via GTC, a popular bus service offering travel packages from Dubai to Salalah, including accommodation, breakfast, lunch, and sightseeing. To ensure a safe journey, book your bus tickets in advance, dress properly, and keep your visa and ID, and pack essentials like a pillow, blanket, water bottle, snacks, and devices. 
Happy Journey with Salalah Tours and Operators! 

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