Rpay balance Check: Al Rostamani Salary Card Balance Check in UAE

al rostamani balance check

Checking the Rpay balance on the Al Rostamani Salary Card is easy; however, most people do not know the process. The reason is that Rpay balance check methods are least available on different platforms, so people face difficulties. Moreover, they know how to check or use the card. Don’t worry. In this post, we provided a complete guide about Al Rostamani Balance Check.

Rpay balance Check: Al Rostamani Salary Card Balance Check

Checking the Rpay balance through the AI Rostamani salary card is very easy. For this purpose, one must have the Al Rostamani International Exchange app, which is available on the Google Play Store. If you can not find the link on the Google Play Store, here it is:

Al rostamani balance check

Here are the steps to use this app to check the Al Rostamani Card Balance.

  • Once you have downloaded the app, make an account here
  • Now enter your Rpay card details
  • Once you enter the card details, you will find the multiple options
  • Click on the option given as “balance check

Hurrah! you will be able to check your Rpay card balance.

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What is AI Rostamani Salary Card?

AI Rostamani, also called ARIE, is one of the top and most reputed currency exchange platforms in UAE, and it has gained much importance in a very short time. People worldwide use these platforms for payment and currency exchange in those places where it is impossible to pay or exchange using different cards.

What is an Rpay Card?

al rostamani balance check

Rpay card is the payroll card that ARIE specifically offers for employees who can’t use the local currency in UAE for any reason. Besides this, most people now use this card due to its multiple benefits. Some benefits include the absence of maintenance fees and the ability to withdraw salaries through ATMs. Moreover, there are specific discounts on transaction fees for regular users of this card.

FAQs- Al rostamani balance check

Are there any charges for the Rpay balance check online inquiry?

No, there are no charges for checking the Rpay balance. All of the processes and steps are free of cost.

Can I also get the Rpay bank statement through the AI Rostamani app?

Yes, you can also download the Rpay bank statement using this app. For this purpose, once you check the balance, click on the three dots on the upper right-hand side, and then you will see the statement option.


Hence, checking the al rostamani balance through the AI Rostamani app is very easy now, as you need to download the app and create an account here. Moreover, due to the multiple benefits of this card and app, these are getting a reputation day by day.

The app has a user-friendly interface, another reason why hundreds of people download and use this app daily. We also recommend using the Rpay card and Al Rostamani app if you live in UAE to simplify your shopping and currency exchange processes. Moreover, they offer the smooth withdrawal services. Contact us for more information and updates about the AI Rostamani balance check.


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