Recharge NOL Card RTA top-up Guide 2024

Recharge NOL Card RTA top-up Guide

If you are a resident of Dubai and travel by buses, Dubai metro, trams, and water buses then it is crucial to recharge your Nol Card on time to avoid any inconvenience. The Nol card is an easy one-stop card in Dubai that allows users to pay charges for public transport, luxury restaurants, and entry ticket charges to beautiful tourist attractions, and for shopping. 

It is important to update your card for smooth travel. Online balance transfer is the best way to top up but if you want to do a physical recharge, metro stations are good places for fast recharging. There are various ways to top up credit to the NOL card. Keep reading to learn!

In this blog, we will explore the comprehensive guide to Recharge NOL Card RTA Top up in 2024 by Online and Offline methods. So, just sit back and read our ultimate guide for smooth travel! 

Methods to Recharge NOL Card Online

NOL card is a gateway to seamless travel across Dubai. So it offers one-touch updating and recharging methods. Following are some online methods to recharge NOL card RTA top-up:

Quick Recharge Via RTA Website

The RTA website is a convenient platform for the Roads and Transportation Authority Dubai. It works by managing NOL cards and making seamless top-ups via credit or debit. Follow these steps to recharge your NOL card online via RTA:

Recharge NOL Card RTA top-up
  • Search for the public transportation option
Recharge NOL Card RTA top-up
  • Choose the NOL section and press the top-up button
  • Now the operator will ask for NOL ID number and email address. Enter the required details. 
  • Select the recharge amount and payment option
  • Make confirmation and your card’s amount is immediately updated. 

Top Up NOL Card Through RTA Dubai App

RTA Dubai App is an incredible way to recharge NOL cards online. As it uses an easy-to-use interface, a quick pace, and better security. This app has a success of more than one million downloads. Here is a simple way to use it:

Download RTA Dubai APP

Top Up NOL Card Through RTA Dubai App
  • Firstly install the “RTA Dubai APP” from Google or Apple Play Store
  • Next sign up if you don’t have a registered account. For account holders, select the login button.
  • The screen shows your profile home page. 
  • Now go to the service section in the menu bar and search “NOL
  • The screen displays balance check, recharge, and other options. 
  • Go to top-up NOL card. The operator will ask to scan the ID.
  • Select the recharge amount. Choose the payment method and make a confirmation.

NOL Play App- Secret to Secure NOL Card Recharge 

Another method of topping up your NOL smart card is through the NOL Play app. It works just like the RTA App. follow these steps and get a quick recharge:

NOL Play App- Secret to Secure NOL Card Recharge 
  • Install the NOL Play app.
  • Log in with your registered ID and search for Add NOL card. 
  • Click on the recharge section and enter the payment amount. Make confirmation and enjoy ticket-free rides to your destination.

NOL Card Recharge Via S’hail Third Party-App

NOL Card Recharge Via S’hail Third Party-App

For regular travelers, the S’hail app is more convenient. It works just like the RTA and NOL pay app. However, it comes with some advanced features. 

Users have to follow the same installation, login, and payment procedure as the RTA Dubai app. The only difference is while downloading you have to install the S’hail app on your smartphone. Now you can recharge NOL card top-up from anywhere and anytime. The minimum recharge amount of this incredible app is 7.5 AED

Users should know that apps like S’hail include third-party interference. So, before logging in and recharging through such apps make sure to cross-check authenticity.  

Explore Offline Methods to Recharge NOL Card

Some smart card users didn’t have smartphones for online recharging their NOL cards RTA top-up. For such users, RTA comes with offline top-up options. Here are some well-known methods to recharge a NOL card: 

Top Up Nol By Visiting The Nearest Metro Terminal

Top Up Nol By Visiting The Nearest Metro Terminal

One of the best offline options for NOL top-ups is using vending machines at bus hubs, trams, and metro terminals. You can find these ticket machines at almost every station. This is a secure way as they are placed by RTA. They are silver or red. Follow these steps and recharge your NOL card in a few minutes:

  • Find the nearest vending machine. Place your card in the provided slot. 
  • The screen shows your card details like previous amount, ID number, top-up, balance check, and other options
  • Select the NOL card recharge option and choose the amount of top-up
  • Now enter the selected money into the cash slot. Users can also use credit or debit cards for this purpose
  • Your card is recharged, get it back from a ticket vending machine.

Users can also use ticket counters to recharge NOL card top-up. All you have to do is give your card to the counter staff and ask for a recharge. They will ask for money and other ID details. After topping up don’t forget to take back your card.

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Recharge NOL Card RTA- Solar Top-up Machines

Recharge NOL Card RTA- Solar Top-up Machines

Solar top-up machines are another way of recharging NOL cards. They are placed by RTA but are available at selected hubs. They work more efficiently and can top-up the card immediately as they are designed only for top-ups.

  • Firstly place your card in the solar top-up machine. 
  • Now select the amount on a smart display. Because these machines didn’t support credit/ debit cards. 
  • Add money to the cash counter. Select Confirm to make a recharge.  
  • Your card status is updated. Take back your card before leaving the machine. 

Top Up via Grocery Stores around Dubai

The grocery stores and supermarkets around Dubai have retailer agents and machines. They provide immediate recharge NOL card top-ups. However, they are third-party agents. But it is a convenient way to recharge for beginners who don’t know how to do it by themselves. Here is how you can do it:

Via Superstore’s Machine or Cashier:

  • Ask the supermarket staff for the top-up machines because they are authentic workers. They will show you the cashiers or machine 
  • Go to the cashier and ask for a recharge
  • Tell him the payment amount must be more than 7.5AED
  • Select the payment method via cash, credit, debit e-wallet or any other provided option
  • The cashier will confirm the payment and return it immediately. 

Via Retailer:

  • Firstly, you have to find an authentic retailer in the market
  • Ask them to recharge your card. 
  • They will ask for payment methods via money or card. 
  • In the case of money, you have to hand over the amount and NOL card 
  • The retailer will recharge your card and return it with a receipt. 

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How to Recharge Nol Prepaid Phones Online?

If you want to top up your account from UAE, India, USA, UK, Canada, or another country in the world, use the most reliable source, Ding. It offers a secure and convenient top-up service in partnership with top operators and platforms. 

To top-up your account successfully, follow our guidelines 

  1. Create a ding account
  2. Select an amount
  3. Enter the number to top up
  4. Choose a payment method

How to Calculate the Nol Card Fare?

You can calculate the bus fares by area zones and fare rates. Dubai is the biggest city in UAE having large seven zones. All the zones have water bus stations, tram stations, bus stations, and metro stations. The total fare depends upon how many zones you cover during your travel.

Smart Nol Card is made of a tamper-proof chip for fast recharging. There is an antenna in the card to make sure of reliable money transactions. These smart cards ensure correct fares and prevent fraudulent use. 

Tips for Smooth Nol Top-Up 

NOL card top-up is something users should handle with appropriate care. Especially while recharging online, it’s better to check security and authentication to avoid the hustle. 

  • Keep track of your card balance to avoid inconvenience during travel.
  • The minimum top-up is 7.5 AED
  • The maximum top-up amount can be 1000-5000 AED, depending on your card status
  • While using third-party apps ensures security.
  • Don’t share sensitive information with unauthorized sources while recharging the NOL card RTA top-up.
  • Through some apps, it will take more time to update the recharging status. Wait for 24 hours, and then contact the NOL service center.


Q: What is the maximum balance on a Nol card?

A: If you have any registered or Personal Nol card then you can top up up to 5000 AED. But, if you have anonymous cards then you can top up up to 1000 AED. For activation, you can perform transactions by mobile applications like the S’hail App and RTA Dubai and by the official RTA website. 

Q: How much is the Nol card for tourists in Dubai?

A: The best option for tourists is the Silver Card a travel credit card that can be recharged for up to 10 journeys and costs 2 AED. You can buy it from any ticketing machine and comes with 19 AED.

Q: Can two individuals use the same Nol card in Dubai?

A; No, it is not allowed to use one Nol card by two travelers. If you want to prevent misuse of your Nol Blue card, ensure it’s only used by you and If you lose it, report it to RTA customer service at 800 90 90.

Q: For how many years, is the Nol card valid in Dubai?

A: This card is valid for 5 years from the burning date and applies to all modes of transport, Dubai public parks, Etihad Museum, and over 2000 shops across Dubai.

Q: Can I pay for Dubai parking with my Nol card?

A: Yes, you can pay for the parking area with your NOL card. The Roads & Transport Authority has installed parking machines in all city parking lots. All the Nol registered users can pay for their vehicles by inserting the card into the machine. The machine deducts charges from Nol card balance and issues a parking ticket.


In this article, we covered the step by step guide to Recharge NOL Card RTA Top-up in 2024 by Online and Offline methods. The Nol Card is a crucial tool for smooth travel in Dubai’s public transportation network. In 2024, there are various online and offline recharge options available for the card. Online platforms like the RTA website, RTA Dubai App, NOL Play App, and S’hail Third Party App offer quick and easy top-up solutions. 

Offline methods like vending machines, ticket counters, solar top-up machines, and grocery stores provide fast recharging. It’s essential to monitor your card balance and follow security precautions for hassle-free travel. So, do not wait and buy Nol Card today to make your travel easy!

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