Ratibi Card Salary Check -Online Complete Guide

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  • Go to the official website of the FAB bank, and you will see multiple options there.
  • Click on the option named Ratibi card.
  • There are multiple options; click on the option named “Ratibi Prepaid Card Balance Enquiry” given on the screen.
  • The screen will move you toward the page named .
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  • Now, there is the exact screen to check the balance and add the last two digits of your PIN, which you settled for the ATM card. Also, add the ID card number.
  • Now press the “Go” button, and hurrah! You can now check the balance.
  • There are many benefits of using the Ratibi card besides it for online shopping. These are given below:
  • You can use this card to withdraw money from any of the nearest ATMs
  • You can also use it when you need a card as a visa, debit, credit, or master card options
  • One of the fantastic benefits of this card is that there are no minimum or maximum limits for withdrawing balance or keeping the balance on the card
  • Another advantage of using this card is that you can make exchanges immediately. You can quickly transfer money to any international bank in any currency
  • Using this card and account, it’s easy to recharge the balance to another SIM card or number
  • There is no fee to maintain this card
  • Their supporters offer the 24 hours of online support
  • You don’t need to open separate bank account for using this card as this facility is provided explicitly by the FAB bank to those who cannot open their bank account due to any reason

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  • This card can be used by corporate employees or any of the employees who have a monthly salary of around AED 5 000
  • The employee applying for this card must be a UAE resident

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