Abu Dhabi, Sharjah Postal Codes: Dubai Postal Code and zip code


If you are living in Dubai, knowing the postal and zip codes for main areas is important to send and receive the mails and the parcels on the right address. Moreover, it is also important if you want to go to the specific place and don’t know much about the locations. Don’t worry, down in this post we provided a complete guide on the Abu Dhabi, Sharjah Postal Codes, Dubai Postal Code and zip code. Read this full post and enhance your knowledge with easy guide.

What is Postal and Zip Code?

Postal and zip codes are the important terms which mean 5-6 digits code specifically made for the different locations. These are different for different areas and locations. These codes are important for sending or receiving the shipment on the exact location/area. The correct postal code ensures the timely and exact location delivery of the parcels and the documents.

Dubai Postal Code

One thing which you need to keep in mind is that Dubai and United Arab Emirates like most of the countries does not have the specific postal code system. However, the question is that what to do if we need to send a parcel. Moreover, in most of the cases it’s important to mention the specific postal code address to fill the information gap. In this case, you can always use the number which is 00000. It is considered as the random postal code number and it won’t affect your deliver location of the parcel if the other details is correct.

Here is the example of how can you write the address in case if its needed to mention on a parcel or any other location:

  • Name of the receiver
  • Location name
  • Postal code address which is 00000
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Dubai postal code

Abu Dhabi Postal Code

Like the other places, Abu Dhabi also doesn’t have the especial postal code in United Arab Emirates. Again the postal code address which is important to mention could be any of the random address i.e. 00000 or you can also mention as “N/A”.

Here is the way of writing the mailing address for the Abu Dhabi:

  • Name of the receiver
  • Location name
  • Postal code address which is 00000
  • Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Abu Dhabi postal code

Sharjah Postal Code

Just like the Abu Dhabi, Sharjah also does not have a specific postal code or zip code to use. However, again you can use as 00000 or N/A to fill the information gap. Here is the way of writing the mailing address

  • Name of the receiver
  • Location name
  • Postal code address which is 00000
  • Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Sharjah postal code

Information about the Makani Numbers for UAE

If you are unable to find the required information by using the above details, in this section we provided a complete details on the Makani Numbers which can be used as an alternate of the postal or the zip code in Dubai.

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What is Makani Number?

Makani number is 10 digits number which is designed by the government agencies and it is different for the different buildings. These numbers are helpful to identify the specific entrance of the location/ building in Dubai and UAE.

Makani Numbers for UAE

Here are some of the common and famous Makani numbers in UAE. These numbers are mostly used in the UAE, this is the reason that we have mentioned them.

  • Dubai: 30032 95320 which is used for the Burj Khalifa
  • Ajman: 06032 95320 which is used for the Ajman Museum
  • Fujairah: 07032 95320 which is used for the Fujairah Fort
  • Ras Al Khaimah: 08032 95320 which is used for the Jais Mountain
  • Umm Al Quwain: 09032 95320 which is used for the Dreamland Aqua Park

Note: as we have mentioned above that these Makani numbers are famous due to which we have mention them. Moreover, if you want to find more Makani numbers for different buildings you can use the UAE’s Makani app or website for this purpose. Go to the Makani website or install the app, create an account, and you will find all the Makani numbers on the screen’s dashboard.

Download Makkani app

Where to Use Makani Numbers?

Do you just know the Makani numbers, but dont know where to use these Makani number, here we have provided the details information on where can you use the Makani numbers:

  • Makani number is required to mention on the delivery parcel when you want to send or receive an order from a distant place
  • If you want to order food on or from the famous places, then these Makani numbers are important to mention on the specific location
  • If you are going to register a new business or want to update the old business, it’s important to mention the Makani number for the specific location
  • If you are unable to use these Makani numbers or dont know how to use them, comment us below and we will guide you. In other cases, you can also take guide from the official website or the app of the Makani numbers.

Dubai Central Post Office

Accessing the central post office is easy; however, several points are important to keep in mind. These points are given below:

  • The Dubai central post office system has been designed to assist the citizens to handle and assist the queries related to the postal codes or zip codes and also about the delivery of the parcels when required
  • As we mentioned above, the office has designed the traditional systems related to the postal codes instead of the traditional codes which are designed for the sake of sending or receiving the parcels or for the shipments
  • You can also register yourself at the Dubai central post office to be a regular customer to avoid the long term shipment related issues. The fee to register yourself at the Central Post office is AED 70. Once, you are registered, there is an annual fee of AED 300 to maintain and schedule the shipment activities on time
  • You can apply for the registration directly at the central post office by visiting it, or by visiting the relevant website
  • While registering yourself at the website or through the office, you need to submit some of the documents that includes the Emirates ID copy and a copy of your passport

Famous Postal Codes for UAE

Here are some of the famous postal codes for UAE. We suggest you to note all of these codes as these are important to note in case of emergency shipment situations.

  • Abu Dhabi PO Number  = 3838 or 111188
  • Ajman Postal Code = 6263
  • Al Ain’s PO Number = 88888
  • Dubai PO BOX = 111311
  • Deira Dubai PO BOX = 88878
  • Fujairah PO BOX = 3999
  • Ras Al Khaimah PO BOX = 30999
  • Sharjah PO BOX = 32223
  • Umm Al Quwain PO BOX = 660

Why to Use Postal Code?

Here are some of the important points which describe the reason that why it is important to save and use a postal code:

  • The first and most important reason of owning a postal code is to maintain the privacy and security of your parcel and the mailing address. Once, you use the postal code on a parcel, it’s mean that your shipment items are safe
  • Once, you have used the postal address and the relevant code for the shipment, you don’t need to worry about if the parcel is arrived on the exact location or not. The reason is that the UAE’s postal system is highly secure for the sake of sending and receiving parcels. Moreover, you don’t need to misplace of your parcel
  • The UAE’s postal system is highly reliable, as you don’t need to worry about anything
  • The UAE’s postal system provide all of the process of packing and sending/receiving of your parcel, this is the reason that it is highly secure and stressed free system and this is the another reasons why one should use it.

The Process to Apply for PO Box in Dubai

Here is the process to apply the PO Box in Dubai. There are 2 processes to apply for the PO Box i.e. applying through the website or by going to the local post office. But firstly, you need to consider the requirements of some essential documents, these are given below:

  • Copy of your Passport
  • A copy of your Emirates ID
  • 2 Passport sized pictures

PO Box Application through the Website:

PO Box Application through the Website

Go to the official website and then start fill out the application by providing the necessary details. While providing the details, make sure that you are providing the correct details as you will receive the PO box number on your details. Once you application is filled, you will receive a confirmation code to submit your application. Provide the code and you will receive the number in a few days.

PO Box Application through the Postal Office:

For this purpose, visit any nearest post office. While going to the office, you are required to take the necessary documents we provided above with you. The postal office will give you an application form and then you have to fill that form. Again, make sure that you are providing the correct details; also attach the hard copy of the documents with the application form. You will receive the PO Box number in a few days.

How to Receive the Accurate Mail in UAE?

Here are some of the suggestions, following which you can receive the accurate mail in UAE:

  • Once you filled the details that includes your name and address, double check these details to make sure if the details are correct or not.
  • Once you get your specific PO Box number, you can use it on the mailing address instead of any supposed number.
  • Always make sure that you are using the correct format of writing the mail address on the shipment. It should include all the important information that are suggested by the Emirates post website.
  • Don’t just rely on the second or third name for writing or don’t use the name shorts on the postal/mail address. Always make sure to use the full name and correct details on the mailing address.

Updating the Postal Information

In case if you have changed your location or mailing address, here is the complete process with steps:

  • Go to the official website of Emirates Post and you will see the multiple options
  • Click on the Postal Services option
  • Now you will see a dashboard with your postal information
  • Now you can edit and update the information
  • Submit all the information and also submit the necessary documents mentioned in the form

Note: make sure to save the information, once you edited it.

Final Verdicts – UAE Postal Codes

Above we provided the complete information on Abu Dhabi, Sharjah Postal Codes: Dubai Postal Code and zip code. A zip code is required for sending and receiving the parcels and shipments with security and safety. If you are living in UAE, we highly recommend you to remember all of the important codes given above so that you can make transfer of the parcels on time.

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