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Are you looking for convenient ways to check your Nol card balance and top up your account? If yes, look no more than our ultimate solution to do a Nol Card Balance Check to pay for Roads and Transport Authority. 

RTA or Dubai’s public transportation system is popular among residents due to its low fares and fast travel. For this, authorities have very simple payment methods. RTA introduced a smart card called NOL. That can be used in various transport systems, including Metro, tram, buses, taxis, and water boats. In this blog, we will discuss how to check the Nol card balance online in 2024 and how to recharge it? Let’s dive in!

What is Nol?

For fare payments Dubai transportation industry introduces NOL cards. A NOL card is a contactless smart card used in different modes of payment. Using this you can pay for buses, Metro, Tram, marine, and water buses.

As NOL stands for “new outlook on life”. So its purpose is to provide seamless travel to locals and visitors. The card is contactless and has a minimum AED 7.50 balance for check-in and check-out at terminals. NOL users can now conveniently visit Dubai without purchasing tickets. They are easy to use as you can recharge and check your NOL card balance online.

Where Can I Buy a Nol Card In Dubai?

NOL cards are valid for all kinds of transportation including marine buses and ferries. So they are easily available at ticket centers. Additionally, you can get your NOL from a ticket vending machine present at all hubs and bus terminals. 

If you are new to Dubai and need a NOL card immediately you can order it online. For ordering all you have to do is visit the RTA webpage and connect to an authentic sales agent. They can register your card and you can get it after making payment. 

How Does a Nol Card Work in Dubai?

Using an NOL card is easier than purchasing and submitting tickets. Once users buy it from sales outlets or metro stations, they are ready to use it with a small balance. Users can recharge their cards online, through vending machines, or using credit top-ups.  

Every time you travel through NOL enter the terminal of any transportation stand by the electric gate. Now show it near the card reader. A green light shows successful check-in while a red card means rejection or low balance.

Once the reader beeps, your fare is automatically deducted from the NOL card. Your name is now entered into the system and there is no need for a receipt or ticket. You can now make an NOL card balance check at any time and anywhere. 

How to Check The Nol Card Balance Online? Explore Methods

NOL cards are designed to provide convenient travel services to visitors and residents. Keeping in mind the user’s needs, they can be managed online. Users can now recharge and get an NOL card balance check by various methods. Here is your ultimate guide to a secure balance check: 

Check by Website- Via RTA Website 

Roads and Transportation Authority developed an RTA website to manage the NOL cards online. Follow these steps to check the balance via RTA official website:

RAT official website home page picture

Rta official website home page picture
  • The operator will ask for the NOL card number. Enter it carefully.
  • Set You are navigated to your profile. Now click the Nol balance check.
  • Verify yourself by checking the re-captcha code.
  • Press OK for confirmation of request.

In the meantime, the screen shows your account details including current balance, expiry date, and number. Users can now recharge their NOLs online just by entering the recharge button.   

One Touch Method- Via NOL App

Sometimes RTA shows unknown errors in low network areas. So The NOL app is used to check the NOL card balance. This app is free to use and is compatible with Android and iOS. Follow this step-to-step guide for its accurate working:

  • Download this app on your smartphone from Google Play Store or Apple store.
Nol Card Balance Check
  • Login by using your user name and PIN to the registered account.
Nol Card Balance Check
  • Now go to the services section and look for “NOL card”
Nol Card Balance Check
  • Now click on the option; Check your nol balance.
Nol Card Balance Check
  • Once processing is done, the screen shows your balance.

Users can now recharge by the same process by selecting the Recharge NOL option in this app. All you have to do is enter the amount and make a confirmation of payment.

For Offline Users- Via SMS

Are you a NOL card user but don’t have a smartphone? No worries because RTA has a solution to this problem. The authority allows offline users to check their NOL card balance via SMS. 511 is the official RTA number for user requests. Let’s explore how to do it easily:

  • Firstly, send your NOL card number or ID to 511 via SMS. This registers your number for further queries.
  • The number is registered. Now make a balance check request by sending Balance or BAL to 511
  • In a few seconds, you’ll get a text from RTA providing the current NOL card balance. 

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Quick Balance Check through Vending Machines at Bus Stops

What if you have no phone for amount checking? Users can now check NOL card balances via vending machines at bus stations and metro hubs. 

Nol Card Balance Check
  • Find a vending machine near you. They may be red or silver.
  • Insert your card. The operator will ask for ID for confirmation
  • Click on the balance check option. 
  • The vending machine will show the balance of your NOL card.

Make sure to get your card back. Request the staff for help in case if card gets stuck in the machine. 

Visit The Nearest NOL Card (RTA) Centers

If you are new to Dubai and never used NOL cards, checking your balance by yourself is not secure. It’s better to approach the RTA customer care center for the first balance check. Once you see the process, you can do it on your own. 

  • Visit the nearest NOL service hub. Ask the staff for a balance check
  • They’ll ask for your card and some personal details.
  • The cashier will show you the process for future convenience. 
  • Get your card before leaving the counter

How to Recharge Nol Card?  Balance Update

Recharging your Nol card balance is important for a smooth journey in Dubai’s public transportation system. The minimum amount you require for local bus travel is AED 15.

But if the balance is insufficient for your area zone, you need to recharge it quickly. Here are some Nol Card Recharging methods. Explore now!

  • Smart Bank Mobile Applications

Use your banking apps like Emirates NBD, ADCB, and Emirates Islamic to recharge your Nol Card for an extra Dhs 1 fee.

  • Via Dubai Metro Stations

You can recharge your Nol Card at ticket vending machines or counters at metro stations using cash or cards.

  • Careem App

Top up your Nol Card through the Careem app ‘Bills and Recharge’ section.

  • Top Up by Dubainow Application

Access government services including Nol Card top-up via the Dubainow app with your UAE pass account.

  • Best Grocery Stores Around Dubai

Recharge your Nol Card at RTA top-up agents located in grocery stores, cafeterias, and mini-marts.

  • By Nol Pay App

Easily top up your Nol Card using the Nol Pay app on NFC-enabled smartphones.

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Benefits of Using NOL Card 

NOL card comes with numerous benefits for commuters and management. These are some advantages of using a smart Nol card. Let’s explore!

  • Users no longer need to wait in long ticket lines for their turns
  • They can be operated and recharged online
  • NOL cards have multi-mode functionality. A single card works for buses, metro, marine transportation, and other public transport. 
  • Users get easy access to Dubai’s transportation network
  • They come with discounted fares compared to tickets
  • These contactless smart cards have no risk of theft and are more convenient to carry than cash 
  • NOL card reduces the use of paper, for ticket printing. And are proven to be more environmentally friendly. 

FAQs :Nol Card Balance Check

Q: How to check Nol card balance online?

A: You can check it from the official website of RTA.  To check your NOL card balance, follow the steps. Visit the RTA website, enter your card number and security code, and click ‘Check’.

Q: What is the minimum balance, you need in your Nol card?

A: Balance depends upon the fares which depend upon the class and area zones. The minimum balance should be Dhs5. You should top up your Nol card with a minimum of Dhs20 instead of Dhs5. You should have a minimum of Dhs 15 for round-trip metro fares, with one-way fares ranging from Dhs 3 to Dhs 15.

Q: How to transfer Nol card balance?

A: You can transfer Nol card balance to another registered Nol Card by RTA Helpline. But it must be used at an online device like a bus machine, or metro gate and parking meter.

Q: How to activate Nol balance?

Firstly charge your account. After that use your card at the Nol pay application, Solar Top-up Machines, metro gates, or online parking meters by updating your account after 45 minutes to 4 hours.

Q: Can We Use Nol card for shopping?

Yes, you can use your Nol card for shopping with some limitations. Some shops have a special logo of “Nol Card accepted”. All those logo-specified shops accept online transactions with Nol Card. This is only visible at specific shops of groceries, snacks, light meals, and small items, with a maximum transaction limit of AED 200.


This article explains the ultimate guide to knowing how to do a Nol Card Balance Check Online in 2024 to pay for Roads and Transport Authority. Dubai’s public transportation system is offering convenient methods for managing NOL card balances and topping up including online and offline options in 2024. Nol Card provides many discounts on fares to make your daily commute more efficient. Let’s buy today and enjoy your travel in Dubai!

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