Lulu Exchange Salary Card Balance Check: Online 2024

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Lulu Money Card

Lulu Money Mobile App

Lulu Money mobile app is a mobile app provided by Lulu Money. All of the financial services provided by Lulu Exchange houses can also be used by the Lulu Money mobile app. It provides the same extensive financial services that are provided at Lulu Exchange houses. It is a safe and secure way to manage and transfer money.

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Lulu Exchange Salary Card Balance Check online: step by step

  • Open the Lulu Money mobile app on your mobile.
Lulu Exchange Salary Card Balance Check
  • Log In to the app by using your 4-digit PIN.
  • From the Home page, select the option ‘Lulu Money Cards‘. OR from the ‘More‘ menu, you can select the ‘My Card‘ option. OR in the quick access section, add your card under the customer account.
  • When ‘My Card‘ page opens, you’ll be able to see your Virtual Card in the top section and available balance will also be shown there.

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