How to Track Zajel Emirates ID via Zajel Tracking

How to Track Zajel Emirates ID via Zajel Tracking

Are you living in UAE and want to know the shipment tracking of your courier or a parcel that you just ordered? You must be happy knowing that Zajel Emirates is one of the well-reputed and outstanding services in UAE which offers smooth courier tracking service

However, before knowing the further details, it is important to know how Zajel Tracking works. Down in this post, we provided complete details on how the Zajel Emirates tracking works and how to check the Zajel Emirates ID via the Zajel Tracking. 

How Does the Zajel Tracking Work?

You can check the Zajel ID in different ways. There are 3 common ways: checking the ID through the Website, app, or call number. 

Step # 1:

  • The first step while using the Website is to check the “Zajel” website’s homepage section.
  • The first step in using the app is to log into the app and then click on the “Zajel” section.
  • The first step by using the hotline number is to call at 800 725 25 

Step # 2:

Once you have finished the first step by using any of the methods given above, the next step is to provide the 10 digits shipment number that you have received while ordering a parcel.

Step # 3:

Once you have entered the 10-digit number and clicked on the search button, the screen will then show you, or the call person will tell you the necessary details about your order, including the delivery status, delivery time, and the delivery location. In this way, you can check the Zajel Emirates ID easily. 

Features of the Zajel Tracking Services

There are multiple features that the Zajel Tracking service offers. These features make it different from all of the other service providers. Following are some of the important and necessary features to discuss:

Outstanding and Quick Services

The first and most important feature is that they specialize in delivering parcels and documents in different fields, including e-commerce and governmental departments. Moreover, they offer quick services, and their services are deliverable in 24 hours and as quickly as you need. 

Easiest Tracking

The second most important feature is that they are always special in the easiest tracking, as no hard and fast rules or detailed information are required to track the shipment. You need to mention your ID, and they will provide all the needed information in no time. Moreover, they provide the name, shipment location, status, and estimated arrival time. 

Various Booking Options

Another important feature that most tracking providers do not offer is the availability of various tracking options. For example, you can book a parcel by using the call option, the website option, or by visiting the nearest office. 

Zajel Emirates Tracking Detailed Steps 

By using the Website

If we talk about the Zajel Tracking ID in detailed steps by using the Website, here are the steps:

Step # 1:

The first and basic step is to go to the official Website of the Zajel. You can find it on the Google or any other search engine.


Step # 2:

The second step is to explore the different options available on the Website. Once you open the official link, multiple options will appear. Click the option named “Track Shipment”.


Step # 3:

Once you click on the given option, again multiple options will be opened there. Click on the option named “Zajel Emirates Tracking ID”, and a dashboard will open showing the notification to mention your tracking ID number. Now, mention the ID number of your shipment and click on the research button.

Step # 4:

Once you click on the enter/submit option, a dashboard will open. It shows all the information about your tracking, including the order details, the shipment location, and the estimated shipment arrival date. 

Zajel Tracking Call Center Method

Using the call centre method is another easy way to know about your Zajel Emirates ID using the Zajel Tracking services. For this purpose, you need to call the Zajel call centre, and they will do the rest. Here are some steps to follow:

Step# 1:

Call through your Zajel registered mobile number at 800 21111.

Step # 2:

Once they pick the call, there will be different extensions to listen for; click on the extension to learn the Zajel Tracking ID.

Step # 3:

Once you click on the relevant extension, they will ask for the information about your Tracking ID. Provide them with the relevant information, and they will let you know further details, including the delivery address, delivery time, and the delivery status. 

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Zajel Tracking by Using the App

Tracking the Zajel ID by using the app is another easy way to get complete details of your parcel or ID. Here are the complete steps to follow:

Step # 1:

Download and install the Zajel app from the Play Store for Android and from the Apple Store for iOS devices.

Step # 2:

There are multiple options available on the app; find and click on the option named “Track Shipment.” 

Step # 3:

You will be able to see multiple options on the screen; click on the option given as “Zajel Emirates Tracking ID.”

Step # 4:

Now enter your 10-digit shipment ID and click on the submit button.

Step # 5:

From there, you can find complete details which includes the detail about your ID, including the name, shipment time, and shipment location.

Zajel ID Tracking by using the Phone Number

Tracking the Zajel ID by using the phone number is another unique method that most people don’t know. The reason is that people don’t know the exact method or they even don’t know that there is also a method that is used using the phone number. 

Step # 1:

Open the official Website of Zajel and follow the same steps given in method No. 1.

Step # 2:

Now find the option to track the Zajel ID by using the phone number.

Step # 3:

Once you enter the phone number, it will be easy for you to track the Zajel ID and get details about your shipment.

Want to Update the Address on the Zajel?

Have you just changed your address or phone number before the Zajel shipment arrives to you? Here are the steps to follow for this purpose:

Step # 1:

Go to the official website of Zajel (you can easily find it on Google.

Step # 2:

The next very important step is to click on the button named “Support”. This option is available on the upper right-hand side. 

Step # 3:

A dashboard will be opened with multiple options. Click on the option named “Update Address.”

Step # 4:

Now, you need to enter your tracking ID in the given space and click on the submit button.

Step # 5:

Again, a screen will be opened with multiple options. Click on the option named “edit and update address”.

Step # 6:

Now, edit the address and mention your current address or correct address. Once you have entered the address, make sure to recheck it and also make sure that there is no mistake. 

Step # 7:

Once you have verified the correct details, click on the “Update” option, and Hurrah! Your address will be updated on the Zajel shipment details. 

About the Zajel FZE Company

Zajel is one of the top reputed companies in the United Arab Emirates which was established back in 2008 for the sake of courier services all around the UAE. Besides the courier offering services, it also offers other services, which include the following:

  • Document attestation services
  • Distribution of e-commerce products
  • Networking among e-commerce products all around the world

Besides, the company offers the best services around the globe at very reasonable rates. The good thing is that you won’t face any issues while using their service because of their outstanding customer support and the features that we mentioned above. 

Zajel Office Timings

If we talk about the Zajel office timings, these are designed based on the working hours of the office employees. Here is a further keynote on the office timings of the Zajel Emirates:

  • Wednesday: 7.30 AM to 3.30 PM
  • Thursday: 7.30 AM to 3.30 PM
  • Friday: 7.30 AM to 12: 00 PM
  • Sunday: Closed
  • Monday: 7.30 AM to 3.30 PM
  • Tuesday: 7.30 AM to 3.30 PM

If you need any information related to Zajel or need their support and want to visit or call them, make sure to visit the office or contact them during office hours to find assistance. The Zajel office is located at the Al Rostamani Building—Al Ittihad Road—E11—Dubai. 

Zajel Customer Support

One of the interesting aspects of Zajel is their outstanding customer support which they offer to all users. Even if you need a little information, call them and they will guide you in detail. For using customer support, you can call them simply using the official phone number. In another case, if the number is not dialling due to any network issues at your end, you can also use their online support. Here are the ways to use their online support:

You can read their FAQs section to see if the solution to your issue or question is available. 

The next way is to use the online customer support by using the “Contact Us” section which is available on the official website of Zajel. 

Zajel Shipping Price

One of the interesting questions that most users ask is how they calculate the price for delivery charges or shipments from one place to another. Although the answer is not easy to determine by just looking at some aspects, we have provided a complete description of the pricing calculator here. Read this full section to learn more about the Zajel pricing calculator.

Zajel Shipping Price
  • Go to the official website of the Zajel.
  • Find the option named “Price Calculator.
  • Now, you will see the location sections for the location from where you want to send your parcel to the location where you want to receive it. Enter the location for the “from” and “to” the place.
  • Once you enter the exact location, you will be moved toward the page with the option named “Calculate”. Click on this option, and then a screen will appear with the final price. 

Note: This way, you can calculate the price for your shipment. If you have any doubts about the price or if you find any errors, contact their customer support and discuss your issue. 

Zajel Time for the Delivery

It is important to know the delivery timelines for Zajel to avoid any inconvenience in your parcel delivery and shipment. Most people make the parcel delivery when their office is on holiday or when they have holidays. Due to this, they face different issues later upon receiving the parcel or they have delays in their parcel. This is the reason that we have provided complete details on the Zajel timeline. 

  • Overall, Zajel can deliver your parcels within 24 hours. However, there are some delays on the public holidays and the weekends. This rule is implemented for the national deliveries of parcels. This is the expected delivery time for the Abu Dhabi.
  • For delivery within UAE, it will take 1 to 3 working days to deliver the parcel. Again, there may be some delays on weekends or holidays.
  • For international parcel deliveries, it takes 5-7 working days

Note: This is the expected delivery time depending upon the location and the area. If your shipment is too delayed, then you may track the shipment by using the ways given above. Still, if you find any issues, contact customer support

Importance of Zajel Tracking ID Service in UAE

Zajel Tracking ID has great importance in UAE due to the multiple facts. The first and most important thing is that it offers a free of cost shipment tracking process in no time. Hence, you don’t need to call a person for the sake of tracking your shipment or parcel and wait for the hours. Tracking the ID of your shipment will make you stress-free in all aspects of the matter. Moreover, by tracking the shipment details you can contact the specific person who is making your shipment and can also change the address upon need or emergency. 

Zajel Tracking Job Opportunities

One of the most interesting things about the Zajel is that it also offers career/job opportunities for people who are looking for better opportunities. For this purpose, go to the official website of Zajel, and you will see a dashboard with multiple options. Click on the option named “Career”.

Zajel Tracking Job Opportunities

Now, you will be able to see the option named the Open Position; click on this option. Now again, you will be able to see a dashboard where you can find a job by sorting out the category and other factors. Using the search bar you can find the option as per the job of your interest there. 

How to Recharge the Zajel Account?

While making the order for the shipment through Zajel, you can also directly pay by using the Zajel account. If you don’t know how to recharge your account or if you don’t have enough money in your account, here is the way to recharge your account.

There are 2 ways to recharge the Zajel account: using the online banking system or the exchange house services. 

Online Banking Recharge Way:

  • The first step is to log into your bank account and then click on the beneficiary.
  • Once you click on the beneficiary, click on the “Noqodi” and add it as a beneficiary.
  • Now enter the amount which you want to add to your account for recharge
  • The transaction will be processed once you click on the enter button , and you will receive a confirmation message shortly

By using the Exchange Hours

  • For this purpose, visit the nearest exchange house/office in your area
  • Now share your Zajel account and the Noqodi account 
  • They will recharge your account in return for payment 

Frequently Asked Questions – How to Track Zajel Emirates ID via Zajel Tracking

Are there any charges for tracking the Zajel ID tracking?

No, they are not charged for tracking Zajel ID/shipment tracking. You can track your parcel given above free of cost anytime. 

How to contact Zajel customer support?

You can contact the Zajel customer by using the online support option available on the official website of the Zajel ID or by calling 800 725 25.

Final Verdicts

Hence, we provided a complete way to track the Zajel Emirates ID via Zajel Tracking above. All the ways given above, including tracking the Zajel ID using the website, call, and app, are easy to implement. However, if you find any issues tracking your shipment, comment below, and we will guide you. You can also contact the Zajel services customer support team for this purpose. 

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