Guide: How To Renew Pakistani Passport In Dubai and Renewal Fee 2024

How To Renew Pakistani Passport In Dubai

Are you Pakistani, living in Dubai, and want to renew your passport? If so, this easy guide is your go-to destination. The process of renewing a Pakistani passport in the United Arab Emirates is not easy, especially for visitors. This can be simple with the right information and guidance. Here is a comprehensive guide to learning how to renew your Pakistani passport in Dubai. Let’s explore now!

What Is The Process Of Pakistani Passport Renewal Application?

Pakistani passport renewal can be done online as well as offline. If you intend to proceed offline, you have to visit the consulate General of Pakistan of Pakistani Embassy in UAE. However, for the online process, you have to fill out an application form and attach the required documents along with a bank challan receipt.  

For payments e-wallet or credit and debit card options are available. Applicants must have their original B-form or CNIC card for identification. Moreover, the applicant’s biometric (fingers and thumb) is required for security purposes. 

Let’s explore the procedure and documents for Pakistani passport renewal in Dubai: 

Documents Required To Renew A Pakistani Passport (MRP)

These are the documents you must have for the renewal of your Pakistani passport:

  • Color copy of both sides of valid CNIC. If you didn’t have CNIC, use a colored copy of NICOP.
  • Color copy of current passport (MRP). The passport should be renewed, use a copy of the first 2 pages and the last page as requested by the system.
  • Copy of your valid visa or residence permit. Applicants can also attach an asylum card or any other nationality card. 
  • All the copies must be clear and scanned. 

Document Required Passports For Minors Under 18 Years Old

For applicants less than 18 years old, the document requirements for passport renewal are different. Here is the list of attachments:

  • As they didn’t have CNIC, use a copy of the B-form or family registration certificate (computerized) or a color copy of NICOP.
  • Copy of both mother and father’s valid CNIC.
  • Copy of attestation application. (For minors)
  • Color copy of valid visa or residence permit or any other available Nationality card.
  • In case of a parent’s separation, a colored copy of the guardian certificate is required.
  • In case of the death of the mother or father, attach a copy of the death certificate.
  • Copies of all these documents must be colored and scanned. For ID cards, take a copy of both sides. 

Step1: Application Submission Process

For passport renewal, applicants need to fill out a form. These forms are available online.

  • Visit this link “” for online application submission.
  • After opening the link, log in by entering your user name and passport.
  • If you don’t have a username, get one by registering to the Pak-identity portal. For this purpose, applicants need to verify their details and generate their accounts.
  • Now navigate to the “Passport” section.
  • Go to “passport renewal” and fill out the form.
  • Enter all the required details in the available sections.
  • Upload your picture and attach the documents.

Step2: Pay Passport Renewal Fee 

  • After the successful submission of forms and documents, the next step is fee payment.
  • Online users can pay this fee via credit or debit card.
  • Once the fee is submitted your application will be sent for further processing. 

Step3: Documents Verification Process

  • Once the documents are submitted, they are reviewed by DGIP headquarters.
  • Here, the operators verify the data and check the validity of the application.
  • After verification, the passport officer checks the documents and decides on passport approval or rejection. 

Step4: Application Status Intimation

  • After completion of verification and approval, your renewed passport will be dispatched for delivery. 
  • Applicant can receive their passport via the DHL courier service. The delivery time depends upon your location.
  • Applicants are provided with the status of their request via registered email.

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Pakistani Passport Renewal Application Fee

If you’re looking to renew your Pakistani passport in the Dubai, here’s a summary of the applicable fees:

Pakistani Passport Renewal Application Fee
Pakistani Passport Renewal Application Fee
Pakistani Passport Renewal Application Fee
Pakistani Passport Renewal Application Fee

Passport Renewal Fee for 5 Years


  • Normal: Rs. 3,000 + Rs. 2,500 (Service Charges) = Rs. 5,500 (excl. taxes)
  • Urgent: Rs. 5,000 + Rs. 7,500 (Service Charges)


  • Normal: Rs. 5,500 + Rs. 8,000 (Service Charges)
  • Urgent: Rs. 9,000 + Rs. 11,500 (Service Charges)


  • Normal: Rs. 6,000 + Rs. 8,500 (Service Charges)
  • Urgent: Rs. 12,000 + Rs. 14,500 (Service Charges)

Renewal By Visiting One Window Facilitation Desk 

Some remote areas of UAE lack internet connection. For such residents one window facilitation desks are available. You can find them all across the UAE for passport renewal.

All you have to do is to visit the desk near you. The operator will guide you through the whole process including fee structure and required documents. Here is a step-by-step guide for Pakistani passport renewal in Dubai via one-window facilitation desks:

  • Visit the nearest desk and answer your queries. The agent will guide you through the process and required documents.
  • Fill out the passport renewal form. Attach the required documents. The desk staff will check the application details and documents for verification.
  • Once the verification is completed, the staff will provide you with a token.
  • Wait for your turn and submit the token before biometric. Every applicant has to provide a picture, thumbprints, and fingerprints for identification purposes.
  • The next step is fee payment. Once you are done with a fee, your request will be delivered to headquarters for processing. 
  •  Applicant will get notification about renewal status through their provided emails. 

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Biometric Fingerprint

The renewal process requires a fingerprint at the biometric counter. This step ensures accurate identification and links your fingerprints to your passport application. It is important to give a valid mobile number and email ID for receiving status updates.

Passport Status Intimation Services 

The Passport Status Intimation service updates Pakistani passport renewal applications in the UAE. Users provide valid mobile or email IDs; updates are sent via SMS or email from 9988.

DGI And Passport Help Line Pakistan

If you face any issue in the renewal process, the Directorate General of Immigration & Passports provides you with a helpline available Monday-Friday from 8:30 to 16:30.

  • For International callers 0092-51-111-344-777.
  • For National callers 051-111-344-777.

Consulate General Of Pakistan 

The Pakistan Consulate in Dubai offers assistance with application processes, required documents, and passport renewal statuses via phone(+971 4 397 3600) and email.

How to Track The Status of Renewal Application?

You can track the renewal status of your passport application from an online portal easily. 

How To Renew Pakistani Passport
  • To track, visit the Directorate General of Immigration & Passports‘ online tracking system. 
  • Log in to your profile and enter your application number
  • Track your ID from the menu.
  • Click the ‘Track‘ button to view the status of your application, whether in process, approved, or ready for collection.


Q. How to renew a passport online in Dubai?

Ans. Go to the smart services system and log in to your profile by entering the correct username and password. Look for an option you want to apply. Fill your application with the correct data and pay the fee. Review the application and submit it. 

Q. What is the fee structure for making a new passport in Pakistan?

Ans. In Pakistan, a 36-page passport fee is Rs 4,500  with a validity of 5 years. If you want to make it urgently, you will pay 7,500, and  Rs 6,700 for a 10-year validity.

Q. How does the passport renewal fee vary?

Ans. The fee varies between Rs. 7,500/- for urgent (36-Pages), Rs. 8,500/- for normal (72-Pages), Rs. 9,200/- for urgent (72-Pages), and Rs. 9,000/- for normal (100-Pages).

Q. Which documents are required for renewing a passport in Pakistan?

Ans. The documents required for Pakistan passport renewal are: 

  • Color-scanned copies of valid CNIC/NICOP/Smart CNIC/NICOP.
  • Color scanned copies of existing passports.
  • Color scanned copies of Valid Visa/Iqama/Residence Permit/Asylum card/Other Nationality Passport.


This article shows us how to renew your Pakistani passport in Dubai and what is the passport renewal fee. This process is smooth and can be completed online or offline with the latter requiring a bank challan receipt and identification documents. Minors under 18 need specific documents, such as a B-form, CNIC card, passport, visa, or residence permit, all of which must be colored and scanned.

The renewal process involves an online form, payment, and document verification. The DGIP headquarters reviews the application and decides on approval or rejection. The 5-year renewal fee is Rs. 3,000 + Rs. 2,500. For remote areas, one-window facilitation desks are available. The passport status intimation service updates applications, and DGI and Passport Help Line Pakistan assist. So, sit back and go in-depth to get a hassle-free experience in renewing your passport in Dubai. Happy Journey in Dubai!

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