CICPA Pass: Guide To Get A CICPA Pass In Abu Dhabi

CICPA Pass in Abu Dhabi

Are you living in Abu Dhabi and don’t know how to get the CICPA pass there? In this post, we provided a complete guide on CICPA pass: Guide to get a CICPA Pass in Abu Dhabi. However, it is essential to know about the importance of CICPA. 

CICPA is Critical Infrastructure and Coastal Protection Authority. It is one of the well-reputed organizations in Abu Dhabi whose main aim is to provide protection and security for the citizens living there. It makes sure that all citizens have basic rights and facilities even in common days. 

A CICPA pass in Abu Dhabi is actually a security clearance permit necessary to work specifically in restricted areas. In this way, the people who work in these areas stay safe and secure, and no one can raise questions about their living conditions.

Requirements to Apply For The CICPA Pass

A CICPA pass is required to be applied by companies working in restricted areas. Here are some of the possible requirements which are necessary to apply for this pass. These are given below:

  • A certificate showing that the company is certified by the Abu Dhabi Commerce Chamber
  • A trading license for Abu Dhabi 
  • Approval of the CICPA by the Supreme Petroleum Approval 
  • An invitation letter for opening the company by any of the concession companies which is already working in the Abu Dhabi

Who Is Not Eligible To Apply For The CICPA Pass?

Here is complete information on who is not eligible for the CICPA pass. The people who have the following visa cannot apply for the CICPA pass:

  • Free Zone visa
  • Visit visa
  • Tourist visa
  • Non-Abu Dhabi visa

Note: Once you have sorted out these issues, you can apply for the CICPA pass. 

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Why to Apply For The CICPA Pass?

Here is the significance of applying for the CICPA pass in Abu Dhabi. Read this section so that you may know the importance of this pass:

  • Using the CICPA pass, you can quickly get access to the places or locations where Abu Dhabi’s authorities don’t allow you to work 
  • Using this pass, one can open an office or a company individually or in group form.
  • Organizations that are specifically working in the petroleum, oil, or gas sector can now easily open offices anywhere.
  • Using this pass, you can also perform other tasks for the specific organization or event. For example, if you want to take photographs, then you can use CICPA security and, for this purpose, capture pictures of those areas that are restricted by the CICPA authority. 

The Process to Apply for the CICPA Pass

Here is the complete process for applying for the CICPA pass in Abu Dhabi. Before applying, make sure that you have fulfilled the requirements.

Step # 1: The first and the primary step is to apply for the pass by using the “Permit Program”. You have to keep in mind that the form is only available in Arabic, and if you don’t know Arabic, we suggest you ask for assistance from a person who knows the Arabic language. 

Step # 2: The second step is to provide all the documents that are mentioned in the application form. These documents are those that we discussed above in the requirements section. 

Step # 3: Now again, attach all the documents which are additionally required for the work permit type for which you want to open the company there in Abu Dhabi.

Step # 4: Now, submit your application to the headquarters of the Security Permits Section.

Note: Some of the essential things which are necessary to keep in mind while applying for the CICPA are given in this section:

  • Only the owner of a company can apply for the CICPA pass
  • Only those companies that are already registered with the Abu Dhabi Commerce Chamber can apply for this pass. If the commerce chamber does not require your company, first register it and then apply for the pass

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Types Of The CICPA Pass 

In this section, we provided short details on the types of passes that are available in Abu Dhabi for CICPA. 

CICPA for Company

This pass is usually for those who want to open a company in restricted areas. Here are the documents required for a CICPA pass for a company:

CICPA Pass for Company
  • Certificate of the company registration with Abu Dhabi’s commerce chamber
  • Commercial license’s copy
  • Official letter for opening of a company 
  • A signature is required by a notary public office on the opening letter


If your business is already running in good condition in different areas and you want to open it in the restricted areas, then you should apply for the CICPA Pass for PRO. The following documents are required for this pass:

CICPA Pass for PRO
  • A copy of your passport showing that you have been living in Abu Dhabi for six months or more 
  • Employment visa for UAE
  • An official letter is required for government employees showing that the person has a hiring identity. 

Note: All other documents given above are required with these documents.

CICPA For Vehicles

All of the vehicles which you want to use based on the vital installations premises need this pass. The documents required for this type of pass are given below:

CICPA Pass for Vehicles
  • License of vehicle from UAE
  • A letter from the Delma Cooperative Society for Pass 
  • Vehicle’Passivers visa for UAE
  • A Crew Permit

CICPA For Person

This CICPA Pass is specifically for those people who want to work in the UAE as an individual or with a company for temporary or permanent purposes. The following documents are required for this type of Pass:

CICPA Pass for Person
  • A complete introduction in a document (this could be in Arabic or the English language)
  • A passport copy which shows the stay of 6 months or more for the person applying for the Pass in UAE
  • A working or labour work permit document
  • Affiliated photo of the person applying for the Pass

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any photo requirement for the CICPA Pass?

The photo requirements for the CICPA Pass are 4cm x 6cm in size and should have a white background. Moreover, if you are applying for the individual, vehicle, or PRO pass, then a photo of the person applying for the pass is required. If you want to apply for a company, then a photo of the owner of the company is required.

Is there any fee for applying for the CICPA Pass?

The cost of applying for the CICPA Pass depends upon the type of pass you are applying for. The average price is around AED 100 to AED 400.

Final Verdicts

Apply the CICPA Pass is easy; however, you only need to consider some of the necessary considerations that we have provided above. Before the application, make sure that you have all the documents in complete form. Additionally, if you face any issues applying for the CICPA pass, contact the relevant support team or visit any of your nearest offices. 

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