How to check Hafilat Card Balance: Topup Online 2024

Hafilat Card Balance Check

Do you want to check your Hafilat card balance to top it up? Look no more than our comprehensive guide on How to do a Hafilat card balance check top-up online in 2024. 

Maintaining a balance of Hafilat cards is important for safe bus travel. If you do not check it before hitting to road then low balance may result in fines. There are many ways to check Hafilat Balance which we’ll explore in this article. Let’s dive in!

How to Check Hafilat Card Balance Online?

Hafilat understands that managing finance by visiting franchises is exhausting. However, it has made it easier for its users to handle their finances by providing various online options. Now you can recharge, check, and make transactions online. Follow these steps to check Hafilat’s card balance online:

Step 1: Visit Hafilat Official Website

To access your account firstly visit the official Hafilat website. You can also visit the Abu Dhabi tolling website for this purpose. Search in your Chrome to access the online Hafilat system. Put your email address and password and login.

Check Hafilat Card Balance Online

Step 2: Navigate to the “Hafilat Card Balance” Option

This address will lead the users to their profile dashboard, only if they have a registered account. Otherwise, the first step is to register the account before further proceedings. Now navigate to the Hafilat card balance check option on the right corner.

Check Hafilat Card Balance

Step 3: Access Money by Entering your Hafilat Card Number

By clicking the balance check button the system will ask for details. Enter your card number written on the bottom side of the card in the box. 

Step 4: Request Confirmation

Now enter the “OK” button for confirmation. By entering Ok your request will be submitted. 

Step 5: Check Hafilat Card Balance

In a few seconds, the screen shows the account details like serial number, expiry date, and account balance. Users can also recharge their account just by clicking the recharge button on the dashboard.

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Ultimate Guide to Recharge Hafilat Card Online

What if you immediately need some money for a transaction, but your card status shows low money? To deal with such scenarios, Hafilat introduces a recharge Hafilat card online.

Follow this step-by-step guide to learn how to recharge your card online:

Step 1: Access the Hafilat Official Site

Hafilat DARB enables you to check and recharge online. Go to your phone’s browser and search for Hafilat or enter This is the official site of Abu Dhabi’s Tolling system. 

Step 2: Find “Hafilat Card Recharge” Button

The Hafilat webpage shows various options. Now select the Card recharge option from the navigation bar. You can also find this option in the menu bar or cash service section. 

Step 3: Enter Card Serial Number

The next step after reaching the website is entering your Hafilat card serial number. It is a kind of login that redirects users to their account details. Now you can check your balance, buy products, or recharge the card online. 

Step 4: Select the Desired Amount for Recharge

The best thing about Hafilat is you can select the lowest to highest amount. Users can recharge 10 AED or more according to their requirements. Enter the desired amount for further proceedings. 

Step 5: Confirm Payment

The payment section of Hafilat comes with credit/ debit, buy, and other options. Select an option according to your convenience and make payment. At this step, the operator asks for a PIN or other details for confirmation. 

Step 6: Recharge Confirmation

This step includes the confirmation of users for the recharge process. After entering details and payment amount select the green confirmation button at the bottom. After this, your Hafilat card will be updated with the entered payment. 

A small amount will be deducted and the card will show a new balance. After confirmation, users get a message showing their recharge details. 

Install Smart App for Checking Hafilat Card Balance

Hafilat understands the needs of its customers and provides financial solutions accordingly. Sometimes site shows errors in online transactions or balance checks. So Hafilat develops a smart mobile app to check the account balance and manage other activities through the phone. 

Download DRAB mobile app using this links


  • Install the “Darb” mobile application from the Play Store or Apple Store.
  • Login by entering your details like email, card number, or PIN. 
  • Check the Hafilat card balance online by pressing the relevant button.
  • Users can also perform other tasks and make transactions through this app.

This Smart App is compatible with both Android and iOS users.

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Can I Check Hafilat Card Balance Offline?

Some rural areas didn’t support internet connection. So checking card balances becomes quite a hustle. Hafilat card balance check offline feature is perfect for such situations. You can use it in the following ways:

Check Hafilat Card Balance Offline

Ticket Vending Machine- A Perk at Transportation Terminals

Many bus stands and transportation spots have dynamic ticket vending machines. Users can check their Hafilat card balance by inserting their cards into this machine. Then enter the required details asked by the operators. In the meantime, you can get access to your card details. 

Customer Care Hubs- For Individual Services 

For efficient working of your Hafilat card, the organization has various customer care centers. Users can visit these centers and ask for card details from staff. They scan your card and provide details. 

A Convenient Way of Getting a Hafilat Card

Hafilat cards are becoming the demand of time as they provide seamless payment methods. Follow these steps and get your activated card today:

  1. Stopover the Nearest Hafilat Card Customer Center

You can get your Hafilat card from the nearest Customer service center. Visit and ask for the current required documents and card fee from staff. 

  1. Arrange for the Required Documents

Bring your ID card, Emirates passport, photographs, and other documents for applying.  

  1. Fee Payment

Users have to pay a standard fee to get their Hafilat cards. This fee is submitted to the administration for supporting these cards. You can pay it using a credit or debit option. 

  1. Get your Hafilat Card

After fee payment and necessary inquiry, you can get your card on the spot. This dynamic Hafilat system provides an already recharged card (small balance) for a quick transaction. 

  1. Should I Register My Hafilat Card? 

Registering the Hafilat card is an optional choice for users. However, doing so is beneficial as it provides additional benefits. It ensures balance card protection and other features. For registration, all you have to do is to visit the customer care center. They will ask for personal info or biometrics for registration.

Hafilat card registration has two options. One is designed for students and the other for senior citizens. Both of them have different features. Make your selection wisely to enjoy these benefits.

Hafilat Card Minimum Balance?

Hafilat cards are the best options to travel locally across Abu Dhabi. They are made to provide low-budget traveling to residents. Moreover, they are valid for 5 years even with a very low balance. A standard Hafilat card can work even if you have 10 AED in it. 

Hafilat Card Monthly Pass Price

The Hafilat card is a magical ticket enabling you to travel in local buses at low prices. A Hafilat pass is the same thing that you have to recharge once. And you can ride many buses for a whole month with one charge. You can get this Hafilat card monthly pass for only 80 AED and can use it for a full month without paying the fare.

Types Of Hafilat Cards

There are many types of Hafilat Cards, available according to the requirements of travelers. These types offer flexibility and accessibility for different population segments, to provide very convenient transport in Abu Dhabi for visitors and local people. 

Let’s explore some of them to make your selection easy:

1. CST – Contactless Smart Ticket 

CST stands for contactless smart ticket which is developed by The Product Development Division of ARECA. It is a temporary Hafilat card which is valid for 30 days only. It is available for free but requires credit for public transportation services. This card is Ideal for short-term visitors or those without a long-term travel card.

2. Personalized Hafilat Card

This smart card is designed for Abu Dhabi public bus travelers. This Hafilat card allows personalized or anonymous use. When you scan this on the board while leaving the bus, the specific amount of fare is deducted from your card balance. Its range is up to 5 years from the date of purchase. You can get this in 10 AED.  

3. Smart Card for Special Needy People, Seniors and  Students

This smart Hafilat card has a specialized option for students, senior citizens, and individuals with special needs. Its price is AED 5 and offers discounts on fares and convenient travel options. Its validity period is 5 years.

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Hafilat Card Fares

There are three types of bus fares, T-Purse, Weekly Pass, and Monthly Pass. The fares of T-Purse change because it depends on the distance the traveler wants to cover and the type of service. Additional charges apply for regional, express, or intercity services. Weekly and Monthly Passes offer unlimited bus trips within Abu Dhabi city for the specified duration.

Fare TypeDescriptionCost (AED)Additional Charges/Validity
T-PurseBoarding Charge2N/A
Regional Services (per km)N/A5 fils/km
Express or Intercity Services (starting)25 fils/km
Weekly PassCost30Unlimited bus trips within Abu Dhabi city for 7 days
Monthly PassCost80Unlimited bus trips within Abu Dhabi city for 30 days

Buy a Hafilat Card in Abu Dhabi

Visit a Sales Outlet in Abu Dhabi, such as Sales Recharge Machine, Al Ain Cooperative, or Lulu Market branch which are located at various bus stations and convenient locations:

Buy a Hafilat Card in Abu Dhabi

  • Madinat Zayed Bus Station
  • Al Sila Bus Station
  • Ghayathi Bus Station
  • Bani Yas Bus Station
  • Al Ain Bus Station
  • Mussafah Bus Station
  • Shahama Bus Station
  • Abu Dhabi International Airport

These stations provide easy access to get Hafilat card to use on the public transportation system in Abu Dhabi.  Bring your Emirates ID or Passport for identification purposes.

To obtain the Hafilat Card, pay the required fee of 10 AED having a validity of 5 years.

After that, you’ll receive your Hafilat Card. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I check my Hafilat balance?

Ans. There are many methods to check the Hafilat card balance online such as visiting a ticket machine to check your card balance or checking online using the Hafilat app or official website for a more digital approach.

Q: What is the minimum charge for a Hafilat card?

Ans. Hafilat card offers five-year validity with weekly, monthly, and annual passes having prices ranging from 10 to 500 AED respectively with free annual passes for senior citizens and People of Determination. A weekly pass price is AED 30, a monthly pass price is AED 80, and an annual pass price is AED 500. 

Q: How can I load my Hafilat unlimited card online?

Ans. Hafilat pass is valid for regional and intercity buses in Abu Dhabi including public buses to Dubai and Rasal-Khaimah. The pass can be topped up or checked online.

Q: How to get a bus card in Abu Dhabi?

Ans. Passengers can purchase new or reload existing cards from the Hafilat system consists of Ticket Office Machines (TOM) at Abu Dhabi Main Bus Station, Baniyas, Mussafah, and Shahama.


This article covers the guide for “Hafilat Card Balance Check Topup Online in 2024”, including step-by-step instructions from checking your balance to recharging your Hafilat card. These all instructions ensure convenience for visitors and travelers of Abu Dhabi.  This smart card simplifies the payment process for buses and ferries. 

This guide provides a comprehensive overview of the process of obtaining the card which is a simple method that involves a visit to a customer service center, submission of necessary documents, a fee payment, and activation of the card. Tracking your Hafilat Card balance is easy with both online and offline options including a mobile app and in-person assistance.You can check and recharge your card easily by following our instructions. For a smooth process, read our blog carefully. 

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