How to Check Travel Ban in UAE 2024


It is essential to check the travel ban in UAE instead of stressing later while packing your bags. In this way, any inconvenience may be avoided during the traveling and packing activities. UAE is one of the most reputed places due to multiple reasons, including the lifestyle, facilities, shopping malls, and places for tourism.

Although, it encourages people from all around the world to come and enjoy living here. Still, due to some security issues, some individuals have been banned from traveling. In this post, we provided complete details on how to check the travel ban in UAE.

How to Check Travel Ban in UAE Guide

There are many reasons to check the travel bans in UAE; however, finding the official and the smooth steps takes work. This is the reason that we provided an easy UAE travel ban check process. Follow the given steps for this purpose:

Step # 1:

The first and the primary step are to go to the official website of the Dubai Police Portal.

Check Travel Ban using the Dubai Police Official Website

Step # 2:

Now, find the option named “Financial Cases Criminal Status” from the given screen.

Step # 3: 

Now, enter your name and the UAE ID number and click on the search button. 

Step # 4:

Once you click on the search button, you will find whether UAE travel is banned on your ID or not. If you find any criminal record or find out the status of the ban, you can contact the official phone number of the Dubai police. This phone number is available on the official website of the Dubai police.

Check Travel Ban using the Dubai Police App

The other method is to check the travel ban using the official Dubai police App. Following the steps to follow:

Step # 1: The first step is to download and install the official Dubai police app.

Check Travel Ban using the Dubai Police App

 Step # 2: Now, enter your username and password. If you are not already registered on this app, then register yourself first by using your name and UAE ID number. Also, set a password.

Step # 3: Now search for the option named “Financial Cases Criminal Status.” Once you find this option, enter your name and UAE ID number. In this way, you will be able to see any types of criminal records and travel bans. 

Checking the UAE Travel Ban Using Offline Way

You can also check the travel ban by using the phone number. Follow the given methods:

1: By Going to the Nearest Police Station

You can check the UAE travel ban by going to the nearest police station in Dubai and asking them to check the record of your file with your ID. In this way, you can also check if there is any criminal record.

2: By Calling to the Official Website

The other way is to use the phone number. You can make a phone call at the number given: 800- 5111. Calling this number is totally free of cost. Dial this number, and once they attend your call, you can ask queries related to your UAE travel ban.

3: Checking Travel Bans using the Passport

It is another easy way to check for travel bans for individuals in the UAE. For this purpose, you need to call the official number of the UAE, which was created explicitly for this purpose. Call +971 43 139 999, and they will ask for your passport number. Mention your passport number, and they will inform you about your travel bans there. 

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Why to Check Travel Bans in UAE?

It is essential to check the travel bans to avoid any types of issues that you may face while traveling or even before starting your travels. The reason is that it is better to face problems than to face them and spend a lot of money. 

Types of the Bans in UAE

There are many types of bans in UAE travel, and understanding them is essential to avoid the issues and to make relevant solutions. Following are the UAE travel ban types:

1. Criminal Bans

The most crucial ban is the criminal bans, which is usually expected. The reason is that the UAE never allows any criminal activity. This ban is also imposed on those who need to follow the traffic or any other rules in the UAE properly.

2. Immigration Bans

It is also a common type of travel ban in UAE, which occurs when someone does not agree with the financial statements or does not pay the amount to different stores properly. Usually, this type of ban is imposed for six months.

3. Labor Bans

Labor bans happen when someone does not need to follow the labor rules or does not follow the employment guidelines properly. The duration of this ban is six months to 1 year in total.

4. Financial Bans

This ban happens when someone does not pay the debts and rent on time. This types of bans occur when people need to follow employment finance rules properly. 

Main Reasons That Cause the Traveling Bans in UAE 

There are many reasons for the travel bans in UAE, the top of which includes enhancing the security issues there. Following is the list of the traveling bans in UAE:

  • A worldwide pandemic or the spread of a disease
  • Rent and debt issues
  • Violation of traffic or security rules in UAE
  • Not following the employment rules

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the duration of the travel ban in UAE?

Ans. The duration of the travel ban in UAE is different and depends upon the type of the ban. Overall, there is no specific duration for the travel ban. It can range from 6 months to 2 years or more. 

Q. How may I know if I am banned from traveling in UAE?

Ans. You can check travel bans for yourself by using the Dubai police website or by using the the app. You can also check by using your passport number or by calling the official phone number. 

Q How do I check about my Labor bans in UAE?

Ans. You can check for the labor bans in UAE by calling the given phone number “6005-90000” and telling them the details they will ask for. Upon verification, they will let you know about your UAE labor bans. 

Q What is the travel ban in UAE?

Ans. Travel ban in UAE refers to the process when you are not able to travel in UAE due to any issues, i.e., criminal activity, neglecting traffic or employment rules, or any other reasons. During the travel ban period, you can not travel anywhere in the UAE. 

Q Can I leave the UAE during my travel ban?

Ans. You can only leave the UAE during your travel bans once you are allowed by the official Government or the relevant authority. 

Final Verdicts

Hence, the above is a complete detail on how to check the travel ban in UAE using online and offline ways. All of these ways are easy and user-friendly when it comes to knowing about their implementation. Make sure to check your travel bans before starting your travels. It will help you avoid the issues that you may encounter while traveling. It is also essential to avoid traveling in UAE if you are banned to travel. In the end, if you have any questions related to the UAE travel bans, feel free to ask in the comment section, and we will guide you. 

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