How to Check NOL Card Travel History in 2024?

How to Check NOL Card Travel History

Do you want to track the record of your spending on the extensive Dubai public transportation network? If yes then this article is the best piece of writing for you. In this, we will explore the frequently asked question of UAE residents or visitors, “How to Check NOL Card Travel History in 2024?” So sit back and jump into our comprehensive guide to check travel history of Nol card. 

Simple Ways To Check The Nol Card Travel History In Dubai 

Checking NOL card travel history provides us insights about daily commuting and expenses. RTA introduces several easy ways to check your NOL details. Some of the seamless methods are given here: 

Via Online:

Users can now check their NOL card details at any time and from anywhere. Online portals like RTA are accessible to all commuters to keep an eye on their records. Follow this step-to-step guide:

Check NOL Card Travel History
  • Visit the “RTA official website” on your smartphone.
  • Choose public transport and then the “NOL” section.
  •  The operator will ask for login.
  •  Provide the requested details, and you are headed to your NOL account on the RTA portal.
  • Now Search for the “Travel history” option.
  • On clicking this button, the screen displays all the recent records like date, time, mode of transport fare deduction, etc.

Check History by RTA Smart App:

Roads and Transportation Authority Dubai has developed a user-friendly app to operate NOL cards on the go. This smart app is compatible for both Android and iOS users making it easily accessible. 

How to Check NOL Card Travel History
  • Firstly install the RTA smart app from the Google Play store or Apple store.
  • Now log in with your registered RTA account. If you don’t have an active account, select the sign-up option to get one.
  • Once login is completed you are navigated to your profile
  • Go to “transaction history”.
  • Click on the History button to get all the details about the NOl card travel history.

Check by Automated Teller Machines (ATMs):

ATMs are found near every market and station in Dubai. By using them users can check balance, recharge, and view NOL card travel history. 

  • Search for an RTA-approved ATM.
  • Insert your card in it. Search for the history option on the smart display.
  • Click this button by selecting a range.
  • In a few seconds, it displays the NOL card details. 

Nol Card Readers at Metro Stations:

NOL card readers or ticket vending machines are the best options for those preferring traditional checking. These machines are located at all metro hubs, bus terminals, and marine stations. Follow these steps and get a quick history check:

  • Insert your card into the NOL card reader machine.
  • Select the view history option on the display.
  • Select the date and time of the required history, or simply select a specific range.
  • The screen will show the details of the card travel history including fare deduction and other points.

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Types Of Nol Card

There are many types of Travel Nol Cards. You can select from four types of Nol Cards in the UAE based on your specific needs and preferences.

  • Silver Nol Travel Card 

The Silver Nol Card provides a convenient electronic wallet with a 5-year validity period and an initial value of AED 19 for just AED 25.

  • Red Nol Card Travel

You can choose the Red Nol Ticket, a flexible paper ticket priced at AED 2. For this, you have reload options for single or day trips and it is valid for 90 days or 10 trips.

  • Blue Nol Travel Card 

The Blue Nol Card offers a customizable travel experience with an electronic purse, subscription options, and 5 years of validity for AED 70.

  • Gold Nol Travel Card 

The Gold Nol Card offers gold-class Metro seats for AED 25 plus a premium fare, valid for 5 years.

  • Special Nol Travel Card 

The Special Design Nol Card offers a unique opportunity to select from 16 iconic Dubai designs, valid for 5 years.

  • Personalized Travel Gold Nol Card 

The Personalized Gold Nol Card offers luxury access to Gold Class on Metro and Tram for AED 80, with an initial value of AED 20 and a 5-year validity.

Benefits to Check Nol Card Travel History

NOL card travel history is an incredible tracking option for regular users. It provides insights about expenses, and routes and helps in planning future travels. Following are some silent features of keeping an eye on your NOL details: 

  • Track transport expenses for better budget planning.
  • Proper monitoring of past transactions to stay updated about total expenditures.
  • Helps to analyze commuting habits for seamless travel.
  • Detailed history helps to immediately resolve billing errors or disputes.
  • A personal reminder of on-time recharging of NOL card.

Transfer Nol Travel Card Balance to Another Nol Card

NOL card is made to ease travel across Dubai. So it offers various options for a better user experience. For example, if your NOL card is not in use or not working but has a balance in it. You can transfer it to another NOL card just by following some basic steps: 

  • Turn on or activate NFC on your mobile. 
  • Open the RTA App on your smartphone.
  • Log in by entering details.
  • Go to the menu bar and search for the “NOL to NOL” balance transfer option.
  • Tap your old card, from which the balance is to be transferred to your phone.
  • The app shows the remaining balance.
  • Now tap the new card, to which the balance is transferred. 
  • The operator displays a box asking about the transfer amount.
  • Enter the amount and make a confirmation.
  • Your new card is recharged. The NOL card will show the recharged amount. 

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Steps to follow Nol Travel Card Refund 

Is your NOL card no longer in use but has a balance in it? No worries because users can deactivate and claim a refund to get their amount back. For a refund, you have to visit a customer service center or a transportation hub with a ticket vending machine. Ask the staff for a refund. He will ask for a card and check its validity. 

Secondly, the operator will check the amount on your NOL card. If the cash is less than 100 AED you can get it immediately from the counter. However, if it is more the staff will tell you to proceed through vending machines or visit the nearby RTA center.  

Lastly, the cashier will ask if you want to deactivate the card and personal information like ID. Make confirmation and you’ll get a refund with+ of the cut on the total amount. 


Q: How can I check my NOL card travel history online?

Ans. You can check your NOL card travel history online by logging into the official RTA website or using the RTA Dubai app. Navigate to the NOL card section and select the option to view your travel history.

Q: Is there a fee for checking my NOL card travel history?

Ans. No, there is no fee for checking Nol card travel history. It is free but you need a strong internet connection. 

Q: Can I check my NOL card travel history at ticket vending machines?

Ans. No, you can not check your Nol card travel history at ticket vending machines. It’s recommended to use online platforms or visit RTA customer service centers for access.

Q: Is it possible to receive a printed copy of my NOL card travel history?

Ans. Yes, it is possible to get a hard copy of your travel history. NOL card travel history can be checked online. But for specific reasons, a printed copy can be requested at RTA customer service centers.


This article walked you through the burning question of UAE residents and visitors, “How to Check NOL Card Travel History in 2024?” Checking your travel history is important to commute patterns and manage expenses. To check it online, you can easily access your records through online portals, mobile apps, or ATMs.

If you monitor your travel history regularly, it provides useful insights into transportation budget, efficient planning, and quick resolution for billing errors. So, for peaceful travel on Dubai’s extensive public transportation network, stay informed about your NOL Card Travel History!

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