How To Check Nol Card Expiry Online 2024


If you want to avoid any inconvenience during your travel in Dubai, checking the expiry date on your Nol card is important That’s why we jumped in with a great solution for you. In this article, we will walk you through the burning question of UAE Residents, “How To Check Nol Card Expiry and step by step guide to check it by various methods. So, sit back and get instant access to your Nol Card expiry date with our online guide for 2024! 

How to Check the Expiry of All Types of Nol Cards?

Are you not sure about the expiry date of your Nol card? No worries, you can check it at your home. Its validity is 5 years from the date of buying, after this period your card will be blocked and you will not be able to use it for fare payment. The process of checking Nol card expiry is very simple and convenient. 

Nol cards have three types: gold, blue, and silver. The blue card is personalized. To check the date, look at the images printed on the card that has an expiry date on the right or left side. While the silver and gold cards are anonymous. According to Khaled Abdul Rahman Al Awadhi, Director of the Automated Collection Systems Department, users can check for expiry at parking meters,  ticketing counters, and  Metro stations in Dubai.

Simple Ways to Check Nol Card Expire

There are many ways to check the Nol card expiry date and perform this action before expires to avoid any hassle journey in Dubai by making sure your card fulfills all transportation needs. If you keep this track, you will not face any upheaval in using the Nol card. 

Let’s explore the simplest ways to check the Nol Card Expire to enjoy your hassle-free travel!

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Expiry Date Checking On The Card:

The expiration date is typically printed on the surface of the Nol Card. Keep checking this date to ensure the card is still valid within its validity period.

Reach to Rta Customer Service:

Contact RTA’s customer service with the help of Email and phone. Provide your card number or account information and inquire about the expiry date of your Nol Card. The customer representative of RTA will tell you.

Balance Checking On The Card:

An expired Nol Card cannot perform transactions like adding funds or deducting fares. Check the card’s balance at ticket vending machines, fare gate readers, or RTA websites. System notifications indicate the Nol card expiry.

Check Rta Dubai Application to check Your Balance: 

The RTA Dubai application allows its users to access their Nol Card balance and expiry date details. You can quickly access card information by logging in to your account details.

Renewal and Recommendations for Nol Card

RTA is re-cycling its non-expired parking cards. It allows its users to use them until all credit is used but not topped up with new credit. The cost of a new card remains Dh 20 per card including a Dh 14 credit balance on the Nol card, and a blue card costs Dh 70 with a Dh 20 credit balance. 

If the card is in good working condition, it will be kept with RTA and re-cycled. It is advisable to renew your Nol card before the date of expiry to keep your travel comfortable. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: How can I check the Nol card expiry date online? 

Ans: To access your Nol Card transaction history, go to the official website of RTA,  select ‘Public Transport’, then ‘Nol Cards and services‘, then ‘Nol Card transaction history‘, and enter your Nol Tag ID.

Q: What’s the minimum balance required for a Nol card? 

Ans: Starting January 15, 2024, commuters top up their Nol cards with a minimum of Dhs 20 for round trips and Dhs 15 for one-way fares, but it depends on area zones and class.

Q: What’s the validity period for a Nol Card? 

Ans: It is valid for five years from the date of purchase. This low-priced card covers modes of transport without Gold Class Cabins. It charges the regular fare when you use non-Gold Class Cabins.

Q: How can I access my Nol Card travel history within the UAE?

Ans: To access your Nol card transaction history on the RTA website, visit the website, enter your Nol card number, complete reCAPTCHA verification, click “Next” and review your transaction history.


This article covers the frequently asked question of UAE visitors and residents, “How To Check Nol Card Expiry Online. This guide highlights the importance of the Nol card and step-by-step instructions to keep the right track of the Nol Card online in 2024.

By following us, you can Check the Nol Card Expiry date online by checking the card surface, contacting RTA customer service, or using the RTA Dubai application. So, keep your Nol card up to date and verify the expiry status on time! Happy Travel in UAE!

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