How To Apply For A Nol Student Card Online In UAE?

How To Apply For A Nol Student Card Online In UAE

Do you wanna go to UAE for higher study? If yes, then it is important to make a Nol Student card for a smooth arrival and departure from your institute. The Nol student travel card is a convenient and budget-friendly option for students because it offers unlimited access to trams, buses, water buses, and metros.

In this article, we will explore frequently asked questions of students, How To Apply For A Nol Student Card Online In UAE, eligibility criteria, types, validity, and documents required to apply nol card for students. So, continue your study with affordable transport fares and smooth travel in a bustling city! 

Eligibility Criteria For Student Nol Card

There are some rules to make a Nol student card. If students meet that criterion then they can make a Nol student card. Explore the given conditions: 

Eligibility Criteria For Student Nol Card
  • The students, aged between 5 to 23 can avail Dubai’s public transportation network. 
  • There are two options for students. They can choose between a discounted fare Nol card or the Nol Blue Card. 
  • To qualify for the criteria, they must be full-time students at accredited UAE schools, colleges, or universities. 

Its validity is one year only, but you can renew after that period. The card offers a 50% discount on the original fare to make travel more affordable and accessible. This offer simplifies student journeys to make them more enjoyable. 

How To Get A Student’s Nol Card –  Steps to Apply

The Nol card is easy to obtain by applying online application, traditional visits to schools, colleges, universities, and Metro and Bus stations. Follow the given step by step guide!

How To Get A Student’s Nol Card

Apply Online For Nol Student Card 

Students can apply for the Nol card online at the website: RTA Portal. Follow the steps to apply: 

  • Enter personal details
  • Upload necessary documents
  • Make online payments

Once the student’s details are verified, an Nol card will be sent. They can use buses and metro and check their NOl card balance online and manage their Nol expenses.

Via Schools, Colleges or Universities

There are two options to apply for a Nol card: First is this apply through your school, college, or university, where staff members can assist with the application process. Secondly, apply directly through a website or station with all the necessary documents and details. 

Apply by Metro or Bus Stations

This is a very simple method to obtain a student Nol card in UAE. Follow these steps to get Nol Student card offline: 

  • Visit the nearest Metro or bus station.
  • Look for ticket counters with friendly staff.
  • The trained staff member helps you to apply for the process. 

The process is simple having only 1 to 3 steps. Nol cards help you for smooth rides. 

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Explore the Types Of Nol Student Cards And Validity

There are many types of Nol Student Card which depends upon the age of students.  Let’s explore the Nol card types, age groups of students, and validity periods of Nol cards. 

Age GroupNol Card TypeValidity Period
Up to 14Nol Blue Card5 years
15Nol Blue Card4 years
16Nol Blue Card3 years
17Nol Blue Card2 years
18 – 23Nol Blue Card1 year

Documents Required To Apply Nol Card For Students

To apply for a Nol card in Dubai, applicants must provide:

  • Valid United Arab Emirates ID
  • White background passport size photograph
  • An authorized document or certificate to give proof of your student status in the UAE.
  • Documents in Arabic or English language are required.

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Q: How to get a Nol student card?

A: To get a Nol student card,  apply on the official website of RTA. Follow the steps: To apply for a Nol card, visit the RTA website. Navigate to RTA Services’, and then click ‘next’ after selecting ‘apply for new nol card’.

Q: Which NOL card is good for UAE and visiting students?

A: Nol Blue Card or Discounted Fare Nol card is the best option for all students in UAE. To get this card, students must study at accredited schools, colleges, or universities in the UAE full-time. With this card, students can get a 50 percent discount on the original fare.

Q: How to register Nol card online in UAE?

A: Visit the RTA website to register a Nol card online. The second option is to download the RTA Dubai App and choose “Apply for a new personal Nol card” Additionally, use the Nol Express Service at ZOOM Shops. You can also select the option “Personalize Your Existing Silver/Gold nol card” options. 

Q: Can I purchase Nol student card online?

A: Yes, you can buy it online and offline. You can buy from RTA-authorized sales agents, online Nol e-services for public transport, and from the RTA customer service center. If you want to buy offline visit ticket offices, Dubai Metro stations, vending machines and Dubai Bus stations.


We walked you through the hot question of UAE’s students, How to Apply for a NOL Student Card Online in UAE. The Nol Student Card in the UAE offers budget-friendly access to Dubai’s public transportation network, including buses, metros, trams, and water buses for students aged between 5 to 23. Students can avail of a fifty percent discount on transportation fares by applying online or through traditional channels. Different types of Nol cards are available based on age groups and validity periods. The personalized cards allow students to choose the option that best suits their needs. Applicants must provide a valid UAE ID, passport-sized photograph, and proof of student status. 

This card simplifies travel to ensure smooth arrivals and departures from educational institutions to make UAE student experiences memorable. Keep reading our future blogs for the latest updates on UAE transport. 

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