Abu Dhabi to Al Ain Bus Timings: X90 Bus Rout & Fares

abu dhabi to al ain bus timing

Do you want a cheap and easy way to travel between Abu Dhabi and Al Ain? If yes, then stick around to know more information about transport and its timings. The UAE’s public transport network offers various options for both intra-city and inter-city commute. These options help both tourists and residents who are seeking affordable and convenient transportation options.

The bus moving between both cities is Express Bus X90. To move from one emirate to another emirate, this comfortable bus gives you an affordable solution. This blog will help you in finding the Abu Dhabi to Al Ain Bus timing. What are the X90 bus routes and fares? What is the timetable and bus ticket price? Here, we will walk you through the answers to all questions. Just stick around and keep reading!

Abu Dhabi to Al Ain Bus X90 Frequency and Timing 

The Abu Dhabi to Al Ain bus X90 operates daily. Its departure time is 6:45 AM. The X90 departs after every hour. The last departure time is  11:45 PM. 

Abu Dhabi to Al Ain Bus Service Detials

  • Name: Exp Bus X90
  • Timing: 6:45 AM to 11:45 PM
  • Frequency: Every 1 hour
  • Services Type: Daily service.

Timetable for Abu Dhabi to Al Ain X90 Bus 

The X90 bus offers travelers with ample options to travel throughout the day. Explore the timetable of the Abu Dhabi to Al Ain Bus Service X90 schedule for smooth travel.

Departure Time of Bus from Al Nayhan, Abu Dhabi Bus StationArrival Time at Al Ain Bus Station
6:45 AM9:15 AM
7:45 AM9:55 AM
8:45 AM11:15 AM
9:45 AM11:55 AM
10:45 AM12:55 PM
11:45 AM1:55 PM
12:45 PM2:55 PM
1:45 PM3:55 PM
2:45 PM4:55 PM
3:45 PM5:55 PM
4:45 PM6:55 PM
5:45 PM8:15 PM
6:45 PM8:55 PM
7:45 PM9:55 PM
8:45 PM10:55 PM
9:45 PM11:55 PM
10:45 PM12:55 AM
11:45 PM1:55 AM

The given X90 Bus timetable is valid for all days of the week.  

Easy Bus Route from Abu Dhabi to Al Ain 

The Exp Bus X90 is a dedicated transport service operating between Abu Dhabi and Al Ain City. This bus route is popular for its convenience and regular schedule. It operates without any delay and is called an ideal choice for commuters and travelers. The bus departs from Al Nahyan, Abu Dhabi Bus Station, and makes its final stop at Al Ain Bus Station by covering several key points along the way. Here are the complete details of the pickup point and stop durations at different points. Explore! 

Stop DurationLocation DescriptionPickup Point
DepartureStarting point in Abu DhabiAl Nahyan, Abu Dhabi Bus Station
1 MinuteFirst stop near Baniyas CourtJarn Yafour, Shk. Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum St / Baniyas Court
1 MinuteSecond stop in Jarn Yafour areaJarn Yafour, Shk. Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum St / Baniyas Court
1 MinuteStop near Tawam HospitalAl Maqam, St 1 / Tawam Hospital
1 MinuteThe second stop is near Tawam HospitalAl Maqam, St 1 / Tawam Hospital
ArrivalThe final stop in Al Ain at the Central Bus StationCentral District, Othman Bin Affan St / Al Ain Central Bus Station

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Ticket Price of Abu Dhabi to Al Ain Bus 

The ticket price is between form AED 25 to. It includes all carrier fees and taxes. The price may increase or decrease based on the Integrated Transport Centre (ITC) authorities’ selection. For more information on ticket prices and fare calculation, visit the ITC website at www.Itc.gov.ae

abu dhabi to al ain bus timing

How to Pay Ticket Price for Bus?

The ticket price for the Abu Dhabi to Al Ain trip is payable only with Hafilat cards. If you are already a registered user of the Hafilat card then make sure your card has sufficient balance before departing. In other conditions, if you are not a registered user of a Hafilat card, then buy from any bus station to continue your travel in Abu Dhabi. 

What is the Distance Between Abu Dhabi and Al Ain? 

The Al Ain is 144 kilometers away from Abu Dhabi. The fast Bus X90 covers it fastly due to advanced running technologies of bus working. The road distance is about 163 kilometers between the cities, of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. The bus covers this distance almost in 2 hours and 30 minutes for the one-way route. For a complete cycle, it takes almost 5 hours to reach back to Abu Dhabi. 

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Q. Is the X90 bus working? 

Ans. X90 bus operates everyday.

Q. How to go to Al Ain from the Abu Dhabi? 

Ans. You can go to Al Ain City from Abu Dhabi bus station by X90 direct bus service. This van departs hourly and operates everyday. It takes almost 2 hours and 10 minutes. 

Q. When do Abu Dhabi buses start?

Ans. The X90 bus starts at 6:45AM. Other Abu Dhabi buses operate round-the-clock with easy access through the Dirham coins collection. For regular day use, monthly passes are available for paying tickets. 


This article guides Abu Dhabi to Al Ain bus timings, timetable, frequency, routes, fares, and ticket prices. The Abu Dhabi Transportation Authority offers a comfortable and affordable bus. The Bus operates from 6:45 AM to 11:45 PM from Al Nayhan to Al Ain Bus Station. Its schedule is valid for all days of the week. The bus ticket prices and routes are available on the official website. 
If you want to travel, the X90 bus to reach from Abu Dhabi to Al Ain is a convenient and efficient way.

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